Roger Peet 


Screen Print 


Uniting and organizing for a cause is an incredibly powerful tool for changeAs we can see with the ongoing protests against systemic racism and police brutality, the power of collective movements and voices can enact justice, spur necessary conversations, and forge new ways forward. Everyone has different strengths to lend to a movement, and it is through the collective pooling of resources and the momentum of various actions that the work gets done. This print embodies that spirit and gives a visual to the strength of people uniting for a common goal. 

In the artist’s words: 

“I made a version of this image for the JustSeeds Uprisings install in Milwaukee in 2013, and recently it seemed like it was time to update it. The idea for this came from the phenomenon of the murmuration, and the flocking behavior of many birds. In these great assemblies of flying creatures, each individual is maintaining their own position within the mass by constantly reassessing how far they are from each other, and the function of so many individuals flying together serves to provide some protection from predators. There are lessons in biology to be learned by people organizing for a better world, and this is one of the best.” 

You can learn more about Peet and his art here.

Visual Description: A figure 8 swirl of many blue birds, some lighter, some darker, engulfing two larger red birds, one larger, one smaller, with the word “ORGANIZE” written in red at the bottom.