After a short break, we are bringing back the collection highlights series! Today’s highlight is Joshua Cowell’s painting, Aleese, from the 2015 Juried Show.  Aleese was made as part of a portrait series of people the artist was close to… Read More


Julia Scheckel  Incandescent  Woodcut  2020.1.1  Today’s collection highlight is a woodcut by recent UWM graduate, Julia Scheckel!  Julia’s work often depicts memories of spending time, especially in nature, with close friends, and this woodcut is no exception. The inspiration behind this specific work came from an annual… Read More


Bunky Echo-Hawk Born…  Acrylic on canvas   2015.03.01 This striking painting was created during an interactive live performance in the Union Concourse on November 6th, 2014 for the Visualizing Sovereignty exhibition that opened on November 14th. The audience was invited into a dialogue with Echo-Hawk and their engaging conversation resulted in this painting, which was shown in… Read More

She is…Carla

She is…Carla  Sara Werner  Oil and Acrylic on Canvas  2020.1.3  This bright and celebratory piece by Sara Werner is a very recent addition to the UAG Student Art Collection from this year’s Juried Show. I love the contrast with the figure and the neon… Read More


Sean Bodley  Patience  Print  2012.3.3  Today’s piece comes from one of the UAG’s own, Sean Bodley! Sean worked at the UAG from 2008-2011, and this piece was printed in 2010. It is currently installed to the left of our door,… Read More

Urban Mosaic

Kobena E. AlaKetu  (Joseph L. Johnson)  Urban Mosaic Acrylic 2001.40.1 This painting was featured in an UWM poster for African American History and Liberation Month in 1995 (image below). We have both the original piece and the poster in our… Read More

House with Yellow Roof

Lisa Christensen  House with Yellow Roof  Oil pastel on paper  1992.3.1 Today’s collection highlight is this dreamy oil pastel. The dark outline of another building on the right and the looming shadow of the building the viewer is presumably positioned… Read More


Bailey Danz   Spaceman Reduction Linocut 2019.1.1 Yesterday was the anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon and today is the anniversary of when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong collected samples and left commemorative objects on the lunar surface. Because of these anniversaries,… Read More


Roger Peet  Organize  Screen Print  2013.2.19  Uniting and organizing for a cause is an incredibly powerful tool for change. As we can see with the ongoing protests against systemic racism and police brutality, the power of collective movements and voices can enact justice, spur necessary conversations, and forge… Read More