Bunky Echo-Hawk


Acrylic on canvas  


This striking painting was created during an interactive live performance in the Union Concourse on November 6th, 2014 for the Visualizing Sovereignty exhibition that opened on November 14th. The audience was invited into a dialogue with Echo-Hawk and their engaging conversation resulted in this painting, which was shown in the Visualizing Sovereignty exhibition and then put into the UAG art collection. It hung in the Fireside Lounge until it was moved to its current location in the Burger King sitting area in 2019.

Bunky Echo–Hawk (born 1975) is an internationally known visual artist and poet based out of Pawnee, Oklahoma who is known for his vibrant acrylic paintings concerned with and depicting indigenous activism and culture. You can find out more about him and his work at his website,, and on Instagram @bunkhaus 

Visual Description: A large figure staring straight out at the viewer on a red background with “Born…” written in dripping black at the top. The figure is pale with bluish shadows and two, small red lines at the corner of their eyes. The figure is mostly bald but has a small Mohawk puff at the very top of their head.