She is…Carla

She is…Carla 

Sara Werner 

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 


This bright and celebratory piece by Sara Werner is a very recent addition to the UAG Student Art Collection from this year’s Juried Show. I love the contrast with the figure and the neon green background, which gives Carla a three-dimensional presence on a two-dimensional surface. Even with sunglasses on, you can feel Carla’s gaze and feel the confidence radiating from her. I got to ask the artist about this piece, and she told me that “the She Is… series celebrates black women comfortable in their bodies and environments. The patterns used pay homage to African-American history and heritage. This piece in particular was the first time I made my own stamp for the background and I love the outcome with the color choices.” 

Sara Werner is a painter and recent UWM graduate. She continues to work on the She is… series and she also enjoys experimenting with other materials. She has been spending time homeschooling her son and working on keeping creative and motivated. You can check out her work by following her on Instagram @renrew1104 ! 

Visual Description: A figure on a bright neon green background with an orange pattern. The figure is a Black woman with short cropped hair, sunglasses, golden hoops, and a dark blue shirt. She has her chin tilted upward and is staring out a little above the viewer.