Riverside Park

Michael Schudrowitz  Riverside Park  Photograph  1969.4  We know very little about this photograph except that it was taken in Milwaukee’s own Riverside Park, a park close by UWM. If you visit the park today, however, you aren’t going to be… Read More

Fair Housing Now

Nicolas Lampert and Paul Kjelland  Fair Housing Now  Screen print 2013.2.23  Today we bring you a bit of history on protesting and marching in Milwaukee.   This print depicts a scene of the Milwaukee Commandos during the fair housing marches… Read More

Flamboyant by John Colt

John Colt  Flamboyant  Oil on canvas  1990.01   John Colt (1925-1998) grew up surrounded by art, with his father, Arthur Colt, owning Colt’s School of Painting in Madison, Wisconsin and running several summer art schools throughout Wisconsin. After a stint in the… Read More

Ceramic Horn

Donald Bendel   Ceramic Horn  Clay  1969.2.1  Visual Description: Circular horn with some parts glazed and blue and orange checkered coloring. Inconsistent width of horn with a bell and mouthpiece.   In addition to our many two-dimensional works, we also have a handful of three-dimensional ones, like this… Read More

Die Karten Spieler 

Mary Bunde  Die Karten Spieler  Gouache  1990.3.1  We here at the UAG would like to remind you to practice social distancing and NOT play cards like the people depicted in this painting!  Visual Description: Gouache painting of two people sitting at a table playing… Read More