Pride Part 1

June is Pride Month, so the care packages for this week and next week will be celebrating LGBTQAI+ history and art from a variety of sources and contexts. 

This week’s links fall under three overall categories: 


Check out this online gallery of Pride pins that have been collected throughout the years by The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York City. 

Was there a pin you especially liked, for its words or design or both? How would you go about designing a Pride pin? 


Learn about and read the poems of 11 queer Black poets here. 

Did you already know some of these poets? Did you find a new favorite poet from this list? 


Scroll through a compiled gallery of archival materials from the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center all about the queer Latinx community in LA: 

Which documents made you seek out more information? What is the power in archiving these histories? 

Thanks for checking out this week’s care package! See you next week for Part 2.