Alan Waite, MA, CEC

Alan Waite is CEO of the Praxis Corporation and executive director of the Phoenix Rising Praxis Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

Over a span of 35 years, Alan has served as a business executive, HR/payroll manager, public service legislative/business analyst, life and corporate coach, educator, author and courtroom trial consultant.

He was board chairman and senior vice president for NVS Technologies, Inc., an environmental corporation that marketed waste-to-energy and bio-remedial technologies. He was also the executive vice president of Pallas Productions, Inc., a California-based music production company.

Alan’s clients have included Texaco, Sandia National Laboratories, NAFTA, and Bank of America. He has worked with the U.S. House of Representatives, Time-Warner, and the State of California.

In addition, Alan has served on the board of directors for several public interest advocacy groups, including Trans-Atlantic Environmental, Inc., and the Timao Educational Foundation, both 501(c) 3 organizations.

Alan is co-designer of the groundbreaking Transformational Project Leadership (TPL) project management method and developed the Integrity-Centered Decision-Making (ICDM) model for executive leadership problem-solving.

Holding a BA in history and a BA in political science, he has an MA in modern European history and a certification from the International Coaching Federation. Author and researcher of historical topics ranging from western American history to the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (June 2015, WWII History magazine), his first book, “Hats: How Felt Can Save America,” is available on and at Barnes and Noble. He offers training in public speaking, Enterprise Agility Leadership, and new business formation. Look for his new book, “The Hidden Hand of Project Management in Human History,” in summer 2019.