February 2018 In Focus Newsletter Mathematical Sciences Recognition

UW-Milwaukee Math Alumnae Emily McMahon and Pamela Harris as well as Math PhD Graduate Songpong Sriwongsa and faculty member Yi Ming Zou were recognized in the February 2018 edition of the In Focus Newsletter for their accomplishments and works.

Emily McMahon, BS Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (2008), was employed as a software developer for Amazon where she helped to create Algorithms that predicted what items should be stocked. She then moved on to her current job as a data engineer for Remitly, a company that helps workers in the United States send remittances to their families in their home countries.

McMahon mentors other female developers to encourage them to continue their paths in the STEM field.

Pamela Harris, PhD Mathematical Sciences (2012), gave a lecture on “The Lonely Reality of an Academic Dreamer” at the State University of New York at Geneseo earlier this year.

Songpong Sriwongsa, Mathematical Sciences PhD Graduate Student, and Yi Ming Zou, Mathematical Sciences Professor, published a paper titled “Orthogonal abelian Cartan subalgebra decomposition sl(n) over a finite commutative ring” in Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Taylor & Francis (online). View the article here.

*All accomplishments and works originally noted in College of Letters & Science In Focus February 2018 Newsletter.