Fall 2018 Faculty Updates

As of Fall 2018, the UW-Milwaukee Mathematical Sciences Department announces updated position titles for Richard Stockbridge and Chao Zhu and introduces new faculty members Brendan Burns Healy and David Spade.

This semester, Richard Stockbridge has officially been appointed as a Distinguished Professor. UW-Milwaukee Distinguished Professors are recognized for having had a significant impact on their fields of study. Dr. Stockbridge’s research has revolved around the relationship between the control and/or stopping of stochastic processes and infinite-dimensional linear programming. Dr. Stockbridge is currently 1 of 31 faculty members at UW-Milwaukee who hold this title.

Also this semester, Chao Zhu was promoted from an Associate Professor to a Full Professor. His research interests include applied probability, stochastic analysis, stochastic control, and mathematical finances.

New hires Brendan Burns Healy and David Spade were introduced to the Mathematical Sciences Department this semester. Brendan Burns Healy was hired for a three year term as a Visiting Assistant Professor. His research interests are geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology. David Spade was newly hired as an Assistant Professor within the department. His main area of interest is statistics.