Course Descriptions and Syllabi

Graduate Fall 2021

ENGLISH 878: Seminar in Feminist Critical Theory: Feminist Media Studies (In Person)
Prof. E. Levine, 878-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 876: Seminar in Media Culture: Media Historiography (In Person)
Prof. J. Szcaepaniak-Gillece, 876-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 855: Seminar in Public Rhetorics and Community Engagement: Science, Communications…(In Person)
Prof. W. Keith, 855-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 778: Native American Literature (In Person)
Prof. K. Blaeser, 778-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 742: Media Culture (In Person)
Prof. R. Grusin, 742-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 720: Modern Literary Theory (In Person)
Prof. J. Gallop, 720-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 716: Poetic Literary Theory: Intertextualities…(In Person)
Prof. B. Cardenas, 716-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 715: Narrative Craft and Theory: Other Worlds (In Person)
Instr. C. Davis, 715-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 712: Theories in Public Rhetorics and Community Engagement (In Person)
Prof. D. Handley, 712-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 705: Public Rhetorics and Community Engagement Colloquium (In Person)
Prof. R. Bloom-Pojar, 705-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 703: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Literature (In Person)
Prof. M. Netzloff, 703-001, Fall 2021

English 700: Teaching Writing Practicum (In Person)
Prof. S. Watson, 700-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 633G: Seminar in Rhetoric and Professional Writing: Language and Difference (In Person)
Prof. S. Watson, 633G-001, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 444G: Technical Editing (Online – Asynchronous)
Prof. M. Novotny, 444G-201, Fall 2021

ENGLISH 443G: Grant Writing (In Person)
Prof. A. Basting, 443G-001, Fall 2021



Graduate Spring 2021


ENGLISH 882: Seminar in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

ENGLISH 876: Seminar in Media Culture

ENGLISH 820: Seminar in Advanced Topics in Literary Criticism and Research
Prof. M. Netzoff, 820-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 819: Project in Creative Writing
Prof. M. Kilwein-Guevara, 819-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 816: Seminar in Poetry Writing
Prof. R. Dunham, 816-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 815: Seminar in Fiction Writing
Prof. M. Kilwein-Guevara, 815-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 806: Seminar in Linguistics

ENGLISH 784: Topics in Transnational Literature
Prof. K. Sangari, 784-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 775: Modern English Literature
Prof. J. Lanters, 775-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 740: Approaches in the Modern 1
Prof. M. Netzoff, 740-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 713: Research Methods in Rhetorics, Literacies, and Community Engagement
Prof. M. Novotny, 713-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 711: Topics in Public and Professional Writing

ENGLISH 705: Public Rhetorics and Community Engagement Colloquium
Prof. R. Bloom-Pojar, 705-201, Spring 2021

ENGLISH 701: Writing Pedagogies
Prof. D. Handley, 701-201, Spring 2021