Office Staff

Office: Curtin 418

Kathy Doering-Kilkenny

English Department Business Manager

Kathy Doering-Kilkenny is the Department’s Business Manager and senior staff member. Her responsibilities include budgets, expenditures, personnel transactions, and the organization of the Department’s course offerings. Every semester there are hundreds of English classes that have to be submitted to the central campus database, scheduled, and then re-scheduled as Kathy juggles instructor availability and classroom assignments. She spends many hours on this key process for weeks at a time, and yet maintains her welcoming smile and sense of humor through it all.

Office: Curtin 433

Brooke Barker

Administrative Assistant – First Year Composition Program

Brooke Barker is administrative assistant to the English Department’s First-Year Composition Program, which is the single largest curricular unit in English. Brooke serves as first point of contact for much problem-solving with students and instructors, though she is often called from her desk to troubleshoot the two large printer-copier machines that seem to have minds of their own. Brooke’s office is usually the first stop for visitors and information seekers, who always find a warm greeting and helping hand there.

Office: Curtin 422

Alessandra Gillen (Alex)

English Graduate Studies Office

Alessandra Gillen (she prefers “Alex”) manages the Graduate Studies office in English. Our Department was the first Humanities unit to offer the doctorate at UWM, and today offers M.A. and PhD degrees in five areas. Alex handles hundreds of inquiries each year from prospective applicants, oversees the admissions process, and stays current on the always shifting rules and regulations coming from UWM’s central Graduate School administration. Students and faculty trying to navigate the bureaucracy inevitably turn to Alex for solutions.