Survival Tips

Read this handbook. It contains important information on how to navigate through the forms, policies, and procedures of the Department of English and the Graduate School. If you have questions regarding the contents of the handbook, see the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies or the Graduate Program Manager in Curtin Hall 422.

Check your mailbox in Curtin Hall, Room 413. A good way to keep informed about meetings, seminars, talks, and other important matters is to check your graduate student mailbox regularly. If you cannot find your mailbox, see the Graduate Program Manager in Curtin Hall 422.

Check the Website Regularly. The department website contains useful information, including student profiles and faculty bios, links to other sites, department policies, course offerings, upcoming events, and technical help.

Check your email. UWM email accounts are automatically created for new students. For questions about email, write to E.graduate is a listserv available to all UWM Department of English graduate students, current and former, who claim affiliation with the English program, regardless of their email address or status. To subscribe to the e.graduate list, write to the list manager at If you subscribe to this list, be respectful of other subscribers. Spamming is not permitted on this or other reflectors. Inappropriate activity may result in the subscriber being dropped from the reflector.

All Concentrations have their own listservs also known as reflectors. These reflectors are available for official business only and are not to be used for any other purpose. The reflectors are maintained by the plan coordinators and use UWM email addresses exclusively.

Know the professors. Meet and talk with the faculty members. Learn what they teach and their areas of scholarly interest.

Meet regularly with your advisor. Try to meet with your advisor at least twice per semester.

Visit the Graduate School, in Mitchell Hall 261 and the Graduate School website.

Graduate School Quick Links

Most Graduate School forms and applications are also available online.

Attend colloquia, lectures, and other social activities. Graduate school is the place where you will form many long-lasting professional relationships.

Remember, it is your academic career! It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have followed the academic progress rules of the Graduate School and the Department.