Applying to the Doctoral Program

UWM graduate students in English who want to apply to the doctoral program must submit an Application for Admission to the Graduate School.

Go to for the application.

Internal applicants do not need to supply transcripts or GRE scores and do not have to pay an application fee. The Graduate School does require a new “Statement of Purpose/Reasons for Graduate Study.”

The English Department requires that the student’s committee deliver to the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies a recommendation for admission. The recommendation is delivered via the signed Warrant for Masters Examination. The Warrant is executed by the student’s Committee immediately after the student has completed the Masters examination. In addition to the Warrant recommending admission, the student will deliver a copy of the approved Masters project to the Graduate Studies Office in Curtin Hall 422. Plan C students submit their master’s project and an academic paper. Submit the materials noted in this paragraph to the Graduate Studies Office in Curtin Hall 422.

UWM English graduate students may apply for admission to the doctoral program for the spring as well as the fall semester. Master’s students should submit their application for admission to the PhD program at the same time that they apply to graduate. Both forms should be submitted to the Graduate School as early as possible in the semester the student intends to graduate. Acceptance into the PhD program is not automatic; the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies approves all recommendations for admissions to the doctoral program.

Masters students who have applied to the doctoral program should take the exam in time for the student’s committee to make a recommendation on admission to the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies before the last day of classes in the semester in which the student is to graduate. Recommendation for doctoral studies by the student’s master’s examination committee and approval by the Associate Chair are required for admission to doctoral studies.