Independent Study: PhD

It is the student’s responsibility to request an independent study with a particular faculty member. Students should choose the subject or materials they wish to study before approaching a professor with their request. Please bear in mind that faculty members receive no compensation for independent studies, and some may be unable to make the necessary time commitment.

If a professor consents to do an independent study, the student and faculty member agree on the work to be performed during the independent study. The student must complete an Independent Study form from the Forms Checklist and Links page early in the semester of the independent study. This form requires a description of the independent study (books to be read; student work required, e.g.) and must be signed by both the faculty member and student and returned to the Graduate Program Manager. The Independent Study form is important and becomes part of a student’s file. For instance, if at a later date, a student wishes to substitute an independent study for another course requirement (with the consent of the necessary parties), the Independent Study form can be used to show that such a substitution is warranted. Without the form, there is no way to verify the content of an Independent Study.

Doctoral students with approval for an independent study should register for ENGL 999. A student can enroll in 999 for up to three credits. The total number of independent studies for doctoral students must not exceed six credits.

Note that the same Independent Study / Reading Form is used at both the master’s and doctoral level. Obtain the form from the Graduate Student Handbook’s online Forms Checklist and Links page.