Graduate Students

Literature and Cultural Theory Students

Cary, KatieTeaching Assistant-Doctoral 229-4511Curtin Hall 286
Embree, ChelseaTeaching Assistant 229-4511Curtin Hall 296
Liguori, RyanTeaching Assistant 229-4511Curtin Hall 388
Symonette, CheyenneTeaching Assistant 229-4511Curtin Hall 485
Vavra, EmilyTeaching Assistant 229-4511Curtin Hall 502

Creative Writing Students

Boxer, NoraTeaching Assistant-Doctoral
English - 229-4511Curtin Hall 288
Cho, SuAOP Fellow 229-4511Curtin Hall 366
Copeland, SethTeaching Assistant-Doctoral
English - 229-4511Curtin Hall 288
Deeren, RSAdv Oppor Fellow 229-4511Curtin Hall 296
Denny, SasheeneTeaching Assistant
American Indian 229-4511
Harms, DanielleTeaching Assistant-Doctoral
English - 229-4511Curtin Hall 296
Lee, Ae HeeFellow
Graduate Student
Masannat, SiwarFellow
Graduate Student Fellowsmasannat@uwm.eduCurtin Hall 514
Moody, JenniferFellow
Grad Graduate Student Fellowsjmoody@uwm.eduCurtin Hall 408
Roy, JessieTeaching Assistant-Doctoral 229-4511Curtin Hall 507
Thurgood, JohnTeaching Assistant-Doctoral
English - 229-4511Curtin Hall 508

Media, Cinema and Digital Studies Students

Johnston, JessicaFellow
Grad Graduate Student 229-4433
Miner, KyleProject Assistant-Dissertator
Ctr For 21st Century Studiesminerk@uwm.eduCurtin Hall 918
Zagrodnik, JohnnyTeaching Assistant
English - 229-4511Curtin Hall 508