Want to explore more about what you can do with an English major?
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In UWM’s Department of English, students study novels, poems, films, blogs, videos, plays, websites, and even computer games and television shows. Literature and culture take many forms. In a wide range of courses and in small classes, our students learn to understand the power and possibilities of the English language across the centuries and around the world.

In English classes, you’ll learn to think critically, write persuasively, argue logically, delve deeply into history, and explore your own creativity. You’ll challenge your own assumptions, sharpen your writing skills, and learn how to read and understand even the most difficult works, from fiction to philosophy.

We think great readers and writers make good citizens, too. So, by understanding the full range of cultural diversity in literature and media, you’ll become a more active and effective member of civic society, not to mention a more attractive employee in today’s global world.

The department offers five concentrations in different areas of English Studies:

Want to learn more? Write to Michael Newman (mznewman@uwm.edu), Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, for more information.