Graduate Degrees

Doctoral Degree

The PhD program involves course work, proficiency in a second language, a preliminary examination, a dissertation, and a final defense. Students entering the PhD program must have an MA or equivalent degree by the time of enrollment. Students who did not receive their MA or equivalent degree from UWM must pass an Academic Review. Students must pass their preliminary examination within five years from the date of initial enrollment in the doctoral program and must complete all degree requirements within a total of ten years in the doctoral program.

For PhD course requirements for each of our four separate programs, please see the coursework page of the Graduate Handbook.

Master’s Degree

The MA degree at UWM involves course work, a master’s project, and an oral exam. All degree requirements must be completed within five years of initial enrollment. The project must be completed and the exam taken within one year after completing 30 credits.

For MA course requirements for each of our four separate programs, please see the coursework page of the Graduate Handbook.

MLIS/MA Coordinated Degree

In cooperation with the College of Community Engagement & Professions, the Department of English offers the Master of Library Information Science/Master of Arts (MLIS/MA) coordinated degree program to prepare students for positions as humanities librarians. Students applying to the MLIS/MA Coordinated Degree program submit the materials above, and must also meet the admission requirements of the School of Information in the College of Community Engagement & Professions.

Students interested in the MLIS/MA program are required to choose one of four graduate plans in the Department of English graduate studies program. Those plans are:

In addition, students are expected to follow all the requirements and standards of the Department of English with one exception: the MA portion of the MLIS/MA degree requires the successful completion of at least 21 credits as opposed to the 30 credit requirement of the standard MA program offered by the Department of English.

Students will indicate their choice of the MLIS/MA degree on the Graduate School admissions application to the Department of English. Study concentration selection must also be indicated on the Department of English admissions application. Check the Admissions page for application deadlines.

For information on applying to the Master of Library Information Science/English Master of Arts Coordinated Degree Program, visit the School of Information website. The UWM Academic Catalog details the MLIS/MA degree requirements.