Major Requirements – Track A

Listed below are the requirements for the English major. In addition to the requirements for the major, students must also satisfy all of the university general education requirements and the College of Letters & Science breadth and other degree requirements. Degree requirements will vary depending on when you took your first college class. You are strongly advised to consult your advisor to ensure you stay on track towards a degree. Read more about our degree requirements.

    Track A: Literary and Cultural Theory

    ENGLISH 215Introduction to English Studies3
    Select one of the following in English literature from before 1900 and one in pre-1800 literature:6
    ENGLISH 301
    Survey of English Literature, Beginnings to 1500
    ENGLISH 302
    Survey of English Literature, 1500-1660
    ENGLISH 303
    Survey of English Literature, 1660-1798
    ENGLISH 304
    Survey of English Literature, 1798-1900
    ENGLISH 451
    ENGLISH 452
    ENGLISH 454
    ENGLISH 455
    Writers in Drama:
    ENGLISH 456
    Writers in English Literature, 1500-1660:
    ENGLISH 457
    Writers in English Literature, 1660-1798:
    ENGLISH 458
    Writers in English Literature, 1798-1900:
    ENGLISH 500
    Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Literature:
    ENGLISH 501
    Studies in Literature, 1500-1660:
    ENGLISH 504
    Studies in Literature, 1660-1800:
    ENGLISH 505
    Studies in Literature, 1800-1900:
    ENGLISH 530
    Studies in Shakespeare:
    Select one of the following:3
    ENGLISH 307
    Survey of American Literature to 1865
    ENGLISH 308
    Survey of American Literature, 1865-1965
    ENGLISH 460
    Writers in American Literature, 1500-1900:
    Select one of the following:3
    ENGLISH 378
    Survey of Current Literary and Cultural Theory
    ENGLISH 390
    Classical Film Criticism and Theory
    ENGLISH 394
    Theories of Digital Culture:
    ENGLISH 395
    Feminist Media Criticism and Theory:
    ENGLISH 402
    Theories of Language and Literature:
    ENGLISH 432
    The Rhetoric of Argument
    ENGLISH 545
    Studies in the History of Literary Criticism:
    ENGLISH 547
    Studies in Theory and Criticism:
    ENGLISH 626
    Seminar in Critical Theory:
    Select two of the following:6
    ENGLISH 306
    Survey of Irish Literature
    ENGLISH 332
    LGBTQ+ Literature:
    ENGLISH 372
    Survey of American Indian Literature
    ENGLISH 373
    Survey of Ethnic Minority Literature
    ENGLISH 374
    Survey of U.S. Latino/a Literature
    ENGLISH 375
    Survey of Asian American Literature
    ENGLISH 376
    Survey of African-American Literature to 1930
    ENGLISH 377
    Survey of African-American Literature, 1930 to the Present
    ENGLISH 381
    World Literatures Written in English:
    ENGLISH 463
    Writers in African-American Literature:
    ENGLISH 465
    Women Writers:
    ENGLISH 517
    Studies in African-American Literature:
    ENGLISH 518
    Studies in Irish Literature:
    ENGLISH 520
    Studies in American Indian Literature:
    ENGLISH 521
    Studies in Ethnic Minority Literature:
    ENGLISH 522
    Studies in World Literature Written in English:
    ENGLISH 523
    Studies in U.S. Latino/a Literature:
    ENGLISH 524
    Studies in Asian-American Literature:
    ENGLISH 622
    Seminar in Irish Literature:
    ENGLISH 628
    Seminar in Literature by Women:
    ENGLISH 629
    Seminar in Literature and Sexuality:
    ENGLISH 631
    Seminar in African-American Literature:
    ENGLISH 632
    Seminar in American Indian Literature:
    Select one of the following:3
    ENGLISH 415
    Fiction Workshop
    ENGLISH 416
    Poetry Workshop
    ENGLISH 430
    Advanced Writing Workshop
    ENGLISH 431
    Topics in Advanced Communications:
    ENGLISH 433
    Creative Nonfiction for Publication
    ENGLISH 434
    Editing and Publishing
    ENGLISH 435
    Rhetoric and Professional Writing
    ENGLISH 436
    Technical Documentation
    ENGLISH 437
    Project Management for Professional Writers
    ENGLISH 438
    Advanced Research Writing
    ENGLISH 615
    Advanced Workshop in Fiction
    ENGLISH 616
    Advanced Workshop in Poetry:
    Select one of the following capstone seminars (satisfies L&S research requirement): 3
    ENGLISH 620
    Seminar in the Art of Literature:
    ENGLISH 621
    Seminar in the Literature of England:
    ENGLISH 622
    Seminar in Irish Literature:
    ENGLISH 623
    Seminar in American Literature:
    ENGLISH 624
    Seminar in Modern Literature:
    ENGLISH 625
    Seminar in Literary History:
    ENGLISH 626
    Seminar in Critical Theory:
    ENGLISH 627
    Seminar in Literature and Culture:
    ENGLISH 628
    Seminar in Literature by Women:
    ENGLISH 629
    Seminar in Literature and Sexuality:
    ENGLISH 630
    Seminar in Literature and the Other Arts:
    ENGLISH 631
    Seminar in African-American Literature:
    ENGLISH 632
    Seminar in American Indian Literature:
    ENGLISH 633
    Seminar in Rhetoric and Professional Writing:
    ENGLISH 685
    Honors Seminar:
    9 credits in English electives are required for the major. Students can take 9 credits at the 300 level and above, or 6 credits at the 300 level and above, and 3 credits in a 200-level literature course selected from the following:9
    ENGLISH 221
    English Writers to 1800
    ENGLISH 222
    English Writers, 1800 to the Present
    ENGLISH 224
    American Writers: 1900 to the Present
    ENGLISH 229
    Introduction to Modern Literature:
    ENGLISH 243
    Introduction to Literature by Women:
    ENGLISH 245
    The Life, Times, and Work of a Literary Artist:
    ENGLISH 247
    Literature and Human Experience:
    ENGLISH 248
    Literature and Contemporary Life:
    ENGLISH 251
    Fantasy in Literature:
    ENGLISH 253
    Science Fiction:
    ENGLISH 260
    Introduction to Poetry:
    ENGLISH 261
    Introduction to Short Stories:
    ENGLISH 262
    Introduction to Drama:
    ENGLISH 263
    Introduction to the Novel:
    ENGLISH 268
    Introduction to Cultural Studies:
    ENGLISH 269
    Literary Forms and Genres:
    ENGLISH 276
    Introduction to American Indian Literature:
    ENGLISH 277
    Introduction to Ethnic Minority Literature:
    ENGLISH 278
    Introduction to World Literatures Written in English:
    ENGLISH 279
    Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Literature:
    ENGLISH 280
    Introduction to Asian-American Literature:
    ENGLISH 281
    Introduction to African-American Literature:
    ENGLISH 285
    Modern Irish Language and Literature in Translation
    Total Credits36