Allison Farrell

English - Media, Cinema and Digital Studies, MA

Achieved Degrees

BA, University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point, 2019


In research: Media History and Historiography, Hauntology, Gothic, Horror, and the Weird. Out of the office: painting, writing, and caring for a forest of houseplants.

Conference Presentations and Screenings

Introduction of A Man’s a Man (1912, dir. Alice Guy Blaché). Kennington Bioscope in conjunction with Women and the Silent Screen – Entr’acte – Columbia University, NY, 2021

“Severing a Head Full of Ghosts: The Price of Forgetting in Lucrecia Martel’s The Headless Woman.” Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, Milwaukee, WI, 2021

“Searching for a Mediator, Blinded by Desperation: Competing Ideals of Citizenship and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.” Film & History, Madison, WI 2018

Academic Awards

UWM Chancellor's Graduate Student Award in English, 2020
UWM Chancellor’s Graduate Student Award in English, Plan H, 2021

Teaching Experience

ENG 101: Introduction to College Writing
ENG 102: College Writing and Research