House, Ryan

Teaching Assistant

Plan: Media, Cinema and Digital Studies - PhD

Achieved Degrees
English M.A., Washington State University, 2015
English B.A., Arkansas State University, 2011

Selected Publications
"Life on the Battlefield: Reframing the Domestic Experience of War in This War of Mine." *Feminist War Games?: Mechanisms of War, Feminist Values, and Interventional Games*, edited by Jon Saklofske, Alyssa Arbuckle, and Jon Bath. Routledge. Forthcoming.

“The Author Interface: Rethinking Authorship Through Ludoliterary Analysis of The Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide.” *Small Screen Fictions*, special issue of *Paradoxa*, no. 29, 2017, pp. 99-121.

Games studies, the expression of human values in games, digital media, interface theory, remediation, narrative, digital humanities

Academic Awards 
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Chancellor’s Graduate Student Award (2018)

Conference Presentations
"'What’chu Lookin’ At?': Narrative, Spectatorship, and Ludic Constructivism in Variable State's *Virginia*. International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, Salt Lake City, Utah, November 19-23, 2019. Accepted.

“When Games End: Leaving the Magic Circle.” Embracing the Gap – Beginnings and Endings Panel. Electronic Literature Organization International Conference – Mind the Gap, Montréal, Canada, August 13-17, 2018.

“Playing God: Creating and Destroying Life in *LOCALHOST* and *The Talos Principle*.” Popular Culture Association National Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, March 28-31, 2018.

Teaching Experience
College Research and Writing, English 102
Engines and Platforms, WSU
Technical and Professional Writing, WSU

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