Ryan House

English - Media, Cinema and Digital Studies, PhD

Achieved Degrees

English M.A., Washington State University, 2015
English B.A., Arkansas State University, 2011

Selected Publications

“‘Likers Get Liked’: Platform Capitalism and the Precariat in Death Stranding.” Democracy Dies Playfully: (Anti-)Democratic Ideas In and Around Video Games, special issue of Gamevironments, no. 13, 2020, pp. 290-316. https://doi.org/10.26092/elib/408

"Life on the Battlefield: Reframing the Domestic Experience of War in This War of Mine." Feminist War Games?: Mechanisms of War, Feminist Values, and Interventional Games, edited by Jon Saklofske, Alyssa Arbuckle, and Jon Bath. Routledge. Dec 2019, pp. 53-63.

"What’chu Lookin’ At?": Narrative, Spectatorship, and Ludic Constructivism in Variable State's Virginia. Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, edited by Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, Anne Sullivan, R. Michael Young. Springer, 2019.

“The Author Interface: Rethinking Authorship Through Ludoliterary Analysis of The Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide.” Small Screen Fictions, special issue of Paradoxa, no. 29, 2017, pp. 99-121.


Games studies, the expression of cultural values in games, digital media, interface theory, remediation, narrative, digital humanities

Academic Awards 

UWM Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowship (2020)
UWM Chancellor’s Graduate Student Award (2018)

Selected Conference Presentations

"'What’chu Lookin’ At?': Narrative, Spectatorship, and Ludic Constructivism in Variable State's Virginia. International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, Salt Lake City, Utah, November 19-23, 2019. Accepted.
“When Games End: Leaving the Magic Circle.” Embracing the Gap – Beginnings and Endings Panel. Electronic Literature Organization International Conference – Mind the Gap, Montréal, Canada, August 13-17, 2018.
“Playing God: Creating and Destroying Life in LOCALHOST and The Talos Principle.” Popular Culture Association National Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, March 28-31, 2018.

Teaching Experience

College Research and Writing, English 101, 102
Videogames: History and Theories, WSUV
Engines and Platforms, WSUV
Technical and Professional Writing, WSU

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