Seth Copeland

English - Creative Writing, PhD


Creative Writing, PhD - Poetry

Achieved Degrees

B. A., Cameron University (2013); M. A., with Honors, University of Central Oklahoma (2017)

Selected Publications

Dream Pop, Drunk Monkeys, Kestrel, Heavy Feather Review, Juke Joint, FEED, SOFTBLOW, Yes Poetry, Permafrost, Crab Fat, Southwestern American Literature, Hummingbird, and many others.


post-structuralism, convergence, visual poetry, found poetry, asemic writing, documentary poetics, hybrid lit, antifascism, digital poetics, and multimodal composition pedagogies

Academic Awards 

John G. Morris Poetry Prize (2010, 2011)
Leigh Holmes Creative Nonfiction Prize (2012)

Conference Presentations

American Lyrics as Political Poetry, PCA/ACA, San Diego, 2017

Teaching Experience

ENG 101, Eng 102, ENG 233