Zachariah Anderson

English - Media, Cinema and Digital Studies, PhD

Achieved Degrees
M.A. English: Media, Cinema and Digital Studies, UW-Milwaukee, 2018; B.S. Communicating Arts: Video Production, Cultural Theory, UW-Superior, 2010

Selected Publications
“Indictment and Possibility in Ken Jacobs’ Star Spangled to Death.” Found Footage, vol. 5, March 2019.

Media Historiography, Images as Historical Evidence, Archival Filmmaking Practices

Academic Awards
Chancellor’s Award, UW-Milwaukee, 2017-2018; Communicating Arts Outstanding Scholar Award, UW-Superior, 2010

Conference Presentations
“Unstable Historical Evidence: The Battle of the Somme (1916) and the Contested Meanings of Archival War Images.” Society for Cinema & Media Studies Conference, Seattle, WA, 2019; “Body-Worn Cameras and the Interrogation of ‘Analog’ Policing.” Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, Milwaukee, WI, 2018; “Democracy at a Distance: Toward a Human History in the Films of Theo Angelopoulos and Miklós Jancsó.” Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM, 2017

Teaching Experience
Film Studies 205: History of Film 1 - Development of an Art; Film Studies 111: Introduction to Entertainment Arts; English 101: Introduction to College Writing; English 102: College Writing and Research