Applying for Graduation

Students apply for graduation with the Graduate School early in the semester in which they expect to graduate by filling out an Application for Master’s Graduation form and by paying the Graduation Application fee. The Application is available online through the Graduate School homepage or linked on the Forms Checklist and Links page.

Every semester the Graduate School publishes deadlines for applications for graduation. Students must be enrolled for at least one graduate credit during the semester in which they intend to graduate, including the summer session, if the student intends to graduate in August. English 888 (Candidate for Degree), a one-credit, non-graded course, is designed for students who need to be enrolled, but who have completed their 30 master’s credits. If students do not graduate when they expect, they must file a new application, but do not have to pay another fee. Students may enroll in English 888 more than once.

In order for the for the student to graduate, the Chair of the student’s Masters examination committee must sign the Masters Graduation Application indicating that the student has passed the examination and has successfully completed the Masters project. The student’s entire Masters Examination Committee must also complete the Warrant for Masters Examination from the Department of English Graduate Studies Office.