Rajaratnam, Vilashini

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research Lab: Mirza Group
Major Area of Focus: Analytical Chemistry/ Mass Spectrometry
Minor Area of Focus: Medicinal Chemistry

Thesis: Development and validation of mass spectrometry methods for potential therapeutics of Glioblastoma

Profiles in social media: LinkedIn  -  Google Scholar  -  Researchgate  -  ORCID

Previously Attended:

University of Wisconsin-Madison, BS, Chemistry 2016


  1. Rajaratnam, V.; Islam, M. M.; Yang, M.; Slaby, R.; Ramirez, H. M.; Mirza, S. P. Glioblastoma: Pathogenesis and Current Status of Chemotherapy and Other Novel Treatments. Cancers 2020, 12 (4), 937.
  2. Stetson, L. C.; Ostrom, Q. T.; Schlatzer, D.; Liao, P.; Devine, K.; Waite, K.; Couce, M. E.; Harris, P. L. R.; Kerstetter-Fogle, A.; Berens, M. E.; Sloan, A. E.; Islam, M. M.; Rajaratnam, V.; Mirza, S. P.; Chance, M. R.; Barnholtz-Sloan, J. S.Proteins inform survival-based differences in patients with glioblastoma. Neuro-Oncology Advances 2020, 2 (1), vdaa039

Awards & Recognition:

UWM Student Association Travel Award (2020)

Teaching Assistant Excellence Award (Advance Analytical chemistry Lab) (2019)

TA mentorship travel Award (2018)

UWM Chancellor’s Award (2017, 2018, 2019)

JPA Scholarship Award (2011-2016)