Moran, Bradley

Moran, Bradley


Year of Graduation: 2016
Research Lab: Dr. Geissinger and Dr. Woehl
Major Area of Focus: Physical Chemistry
Minor Area of Focus: Physics

Thesis: Experimental Methods in Cryogenic Spectroscopy: Stark Effect Measurements in Substituted Myoglobin

Previously Attended

UW-Madison, 2001-2005, B.S.-Mathematics
UW-Milwaukee, 2005-2006, M.B.A.-Investment Strategy

Why I like Chemistry

Chemistry provides an avenue to unlock the mysteries of the world around us. It's really fun!

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee

The program here at UWM offered me unique research opportunities not available elsewhere. Being a member of a quickly growing department fosters an exciting graduate experience.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee

My favorites include; sailing regattas on lake Michigan, the lakefront in general, Whitnall Park nature hikes, and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Research Goals

Using cryogenic temperature high resolution confocal microscopy combined with Stark spectroscopy to quantitatively investigate internal molecular electric fields at the active site in various heme proteins at both the single molecule level as well as in amorphous solids. Molecular electronic spectroscopy, microscope development, fluorescent imaging and tuning various laser sources are the highlights of my research.