Mielke, Jonathan

PhD Student
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research Lab:  Dr. Jarett Wilcoxen (http://sites.uwm.edu/jarettw/)

Major Area of Focus:  Inorganic chemistry

Research goals:  To further understand the importance of metalloenzyme structure and function, and how their electronic structure contributes to that importance.

Education:  University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2011-2017, B.S. Biochemistry and Biology

Why I like Chemistry: 

I originally had an interest in biology when I first entered in college.  As the years went on however, I developed a new interest in chemistry after taking general chemistry courses.  I soon realized that while Biology helps you understand life and how it functions in a macroscopic sense, it is really the atoms that make up these molecules that make life work the way it does.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee

Other than being the only program that accepted me (I applied to 6 different universities), I chose this program because it seemed like the best option for me.  I wanted to stay In Wisconsin close to family, and when Milwaukee offered me an acceptance letter, it was something that I could not refuse.  Even though I did not have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, I feel that the faculty and staff of this program have helped me tremendously by helping me make my transition into a chemist.

Favorite Things to do in Milwaukee:

Listening to live bands and playing music

Hiking at the local parks

Run by the lakefront (especially Bradford Beach)

Go to Ma Fischers evert Sunday (best 24-hour diner you will ever experience)

Check out the local breweries

Research Goals

Conduct research in either industry or academia.