Koebke, Karl


Year of Graduation: 2015, Ph.D
Research Lab: Dr. Pacheco
Major Area of Focus: Biochemistry
Minor Area of Focus: Inorganic Chemistry

Thesis: Mechanistic Study of Heme Protein-Mediated Nitric Oxide Dioxygenation Using Photolytically Produced Nitric Oxide

Previously Attended

Michigan Technological Institute, 5, Bachelor's in Chemistry

Why I like Chemistry

I like Chemistry because I had a great teacher in High School that got me excited about the subject. Colors appearing when you mix two colorless solutions together, huge plumes of fire that leave a mark on the ceiling, and screaming gummy bear solutions all intrigued me and while I don't spend everyday making explosions I still enjoy the day to day work I do.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee

I took some courses here as a Special Student in preparation to go out into the work place and decided that I enjoyed it enough to do it for a few (read 5 or 6) more years.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee

Playing board games with my roommates (think more like Dungeons and Dragons over Monopoly), playing and writing reviews on video games, practicing Kobudo (weapons Martial Arts) and watching anime. Really all the nerdiest activities you can come up with.

Research Goals

I'd like to have at least three publications with a first authorship before I leave.