Kestell, John


Year of Graduation: 2012, Ph.D
Research Lab: Dr. Tysoe
Major Area of Focus Surface science/molecular electronics
Minor Area of Focus Inorganic chemistry

Thesis: The Surface Chemistry of Adatom Mediated Oligomers of Aromatic Diisocyanides and Dithiols on Au(111) and Granular Films

Previously Attended

UA-Birmingham, B.S./M.S.

Why I like Chemistry

I initially took up chemistry because at the time it was predicted that chemists had among the highest employment rates of all college graduates. However, over the years it seems that the more I learn on the subject the more I would like to know.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee

I applied to and was accepted to several other graduate programs. However, after speaking with several of the UWM chemistry faculty, it as clear that UWM was a kind of hidden treasure. A smaller institution doing high level, world class research. I felt this environment would best suit me—high level research, but small enough that I could actually interact with my professors.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee

I spent a lot of my free time at coffee shops, music and book stores.

Research Goals

I am currently working on studying fundamental problems in molecular electronics. The ultimate goal will be to build actual, functional devices based on the hybrid nanomaterials I have been developing over the past couple of years.