Drena, Alexander
asdrena@uwm.eduChemistry Building 164

Drena, Alexander

Ph.D. Student
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research lab: Dr. Andy Pacheco

Major area of focus: Bioinorganic chemistry

Minor area of focus: Time-resolved spectroscopy

Previously attended: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2012-2015

Why I like chemistry

Not only is chemistry itself universally important, it also sits at a nice crossroad between the other scientific disciplines such as biology and physics. It also allows for discovery through critical thinking and a little risk taking, which is exciting.

Why I chose the program at UWM

I enjoyed my previous studies through the department and very much enjoyed my experiences with staff and faculty.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee

Enjoying the parks, bike trails, lakefront, as well as the food, beer, music, festivals and sporting events.

Research goals

Being able to utilize a variety of techniques to study metalloenzyme mechanisms.