Bialka, Emily

Master's Student
Chemistry & Biochemistry


University of Wisconsin-Stout, 2015-2019, B.S., Industrial Chemistry

Why I like Chemistry

I like chemistry because it is used to solve problems and discover new things. With chemistry, you can always work to improve products, whether they be medicinal, material, or something else.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee

I chose UW-Milwaukee because of the location, it is a completely different environment from my undergrad town and I wanted something new. The research opportunities in the chemistry & biochemistry program also excited me because I could learn and experience so much more.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee

I enjoy going on runs/walks through the parks in Milwaukee and finding good gluten-free restaurants.

Research Goals

I want to learn new techniques in the lab and help with research towards an end product that will help people.

Poster Presentations

Synthesis of a Chemical Probe for Detection of Citrulline - UW-Stout, STEM Expo 2018; Microscopic Analysis of Candy Corn - UW-Stout, STEM Expo 2019.