Congrats Fall 2018 Graduates!

On December 16, 2018, five of our doctoral and master’s students walked the stage at Fall 2018 Commencement held at the Panther Arena. Join us in congratulating the following students:

  • Heli Fan (Peng Group): “Inducible DNA Cross-Linking Agents: Design, Synthesis, Mechanism, and Anticancer Activity”
  • Matthew Hoag (Moran Group): “Renalase as an Intracellular Metabolite Repair Enzyme”
  • Md. Toufiqur Rahman (Cook Group):
    • Part I “Shorter and Improved Access to the Key Tetracyclic Core of C-19 Methyl Substituted Bioactive Sarpagine-Macroline-Ajmaline Indole Alkaloids via a New Ambidextrous Asymmetric Pictet-Spengler Reaction Beginning from Either D-(+)- or L-(-)-Tryptophan”
    • Part II “The Total Synthesis of a Number of Bioactive C-19 Methyl Substituted Macroline-Sarpagine Indole Alkaloids including Macrocarpines A-G, Talcarpine, N(4)-Methyl-N(4), 21-Secotalpinine, Deoxyperaksine, Dihydroperaksine, Talpinine, O-Acetyltalpinine, As Well As N(4)-Methyltal-Pinine”
    • Toufiqur will be joining The Research Triangle Institute (RTI International, Durham, NC) as a Post-Doctoral Fellow-Scientist in January.
  • Kelly Pauly (Arnold Group): “Proposal to Validate Groups Of Materials, Rather Than Individual Material, For USP <233> elemental Impurities Analysis By ICP -MS”
    • Kelly is a manager at Eurofins SF Analytical, supervising a group of QC chemists running specialty testing on raw materials. She will be continuing her career there.
  • Victoria Fisher-Keough (Murphy Group): “From General Chemistry to Anatomy and Physiology: Revalidating and Adapting Assessments and Models”