Maddie Poullette receives the Tinker and Ruggiero research awards

Maddie Poullette awarded two research grants from the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Anthropologists Uncover Wisconsin’s Past

In August 2015, the Guest House, a local homeless shelter, broke ground to expand into an empty lot when a man’s grave was uncovered. Construction was halted, and the shelter called the UWM Cultural Resource Management program for help with the unexpected exhumation.

Announcement: 2016 Preliminary Dissertation Research Awards

The Graduate Fellowship Committee of the Department of Anthropology is very pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Preliminary Dissertation Research Awards: Mulung Hsu and Robert Ahlrichs

Bill Wood named Smithsonian Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology Faculty Fellow

Professor Wood’s activities will be focused on emerging directions in material culture studies and the use of museum collections for anthropological research and the development of museum anthropology curriculum.

Anthropology December Graduates

PhD: Krista-Lee Malone, Katy Mollerud. MS: Antoinette Fafara-Thompson, Rebecca Fetzer, Jamie Henry, Sarah Klingman-Cole, Barbara McClendon, Victor Ponte, Cara Reeves, Jessica Skinner.

Tracey Heatherington’s guest blog post published by the Global Crop Diversity Trust

Prof. Heatherington in her guest blog post tells us about her recent experiences amidst a large and global community working towards conserving and using plant genetic resources for food security and adaptation to climate change.

Bettina Arnold was the Banquet Speaker at the Midwest Archaeological Conference

Bettina Arnold was the Banquet Speaker at the 59th annual Midwest Archaeological Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Milwaukee on Saturday November 7, 2015.

Anthropology featured on WUWM’s UWM Today

UWM Today’s Tom Luljak talks with Thomas Malaby, chair of UWM’s anthropology department, and John Richards, director of the UWM Cultural Resource Management program.

Bernard Perley publishes important call to action in Anthropology News

Bernard Perley continues to call attention to naturalized racism against American Indians through America’s use of offensive sports mascots and monikers.

Bettina Arnold presented keynote lecture at UISPP Congress event

Bettina Arnold will be giving the keynote lecture at an international conference Être et paraître en Europe. Identité et parures féminines aux âges du Bronze et du Fer in Brussels, Belgium.