Archaeological Research Laboratory Center

The UWM Archaeological Research Laboratory (ARL) houses a variety of programs in a collaborative environment that integrates faculty and student research with grant and contract based funding. The ARL’s research collections include materials from over 1,400 archaeological sites from the US and Mexico as well as a comparative vertebrate osteology reference collection for applied zooarchaeological research.

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UWM Archaeology Laboratory

Results of ARL faculty and staff research is published in the ARL series of Reports of Investigations. The ARL currently supports the research and teaching of seven archaeological faculty and three Academic Staff. The laboratory has a separate budget line from the department of Anthropology and is administered by the Director, Associate Director, and Program Assistant. Both theoretical and practical training in the field and laboratory is provided for undergraduates and graduate students who engage in externally funded research with UWM Cultural Resources Management consulting group in the lab, as well as research that has been funded externally, internally, and by tuition/course fees.