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  • Ancient Beer and Brewing with Bettina Arnold - By Aislinn Sanders Recently, Bettina Arnold was interviewed by the Wisconsin Public Radio Morning Show and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for her knowledge on ancient beer brewing methods. It is her hope that she can get those uninterested in conventional... Read More
  • Digital Currency and Anthropology - By Aislinn Sanders Currency, in all its various forms, has been utilized by civilizations throughout history to put value on goods and services, trade these goods and services, and display wealth in all types of physical manners. Early in human... Read More
  • What is Space Archaeology? - By Aislinn Sanders                   What an extraterrestrial archaeological dig could tell us about space culture Space archaeology has been gaining traction as a niche subfield of anthropology, but what is it? Topics... Read More
  • Save the Dates: Department Colloquia are back! -
  • United States Repatriates Looted Cultural Property to Cambodia - By Aislinn Sanders On August 8th, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Lee Satterfield met with Cambodia’s Ambassador to the United States Keo Chhea in New York for the repatriation of 30 objects of cultural and religious... Read More
  • 2022 Ritzenthaler Museum Research Internship Award - Katie Cianciola is the 2022 Ritzenthaler Museum Research Internship Award Recipient. Over this summer, she continued examining a portion of the MPM’s Malcolm K. Whyte Collection which primarily consists of over 2,000 archaeological textiles, ceramics, metalwork, featherwork items from Peru.... Read More
  • Museum Studies Reception Review - By Aislinn Sanders Last week, on July 20th, the UWM Anthropology Department co-sponsored an event at the Milwaukee Public Museum for Museum Studies current and future students, alumni, and faculty. The program, which is a graduate certificate program under the... Read More
  • Maya Train Project Endangers Historic Sites in Mexico - By Aislinn Sanders The Mexican government is currently working on creating an intercity train system that will connect tourist sites across the Yucatan Peninsula. However, the project has received backlash from environmental activists, archaeologists, and cultural resource management professionals alike.... Read More
  • PhD Student Contributes to AG Eisenziet Annual Meeting Publications - Congratulations to PhD student Timmis Maddox for his recently published works with WSVA (West and South German Association of Archaeology) and MOVA (Central and East German Association of Archaeology) at their annual meeting. His work, titled “North Sea Centers: The... Read More
  • New Student Spotlight Episode Available! - Timmis Maddox is a PhD student studying Iron Age archaeology at UW-Milwaukee. Student Spotlight asks Timmis about his dissertation research, experiences in graduate school, and what he hopes to do after graduating. We learn that grad school can be a... Read More

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