Ask a Professor! Ep. 1: The Gamestop Phenomenon in Anthropological Perspective

In the first episode of Ask A Professor! we examine the GameStop Phenomenon with the help of Professor Thomas Malaby. Professor Malaby puts the phenomenon is anthropological perspective and we discuss several related topics like stock market ethics, modern ethnography,… Read More

Professor Jordt will join other Burma Experts in Virtual Flash Panel on Feb. 9th

Tuesday, February 9 2021 - Tuesday, February 9 2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Zoom Webinar

Ingrid Jordt will join other Burma and democracy experts to discuss the recent coup in Myanmar. Drawing on research from a book she is completing entitled, Karmic Kings: Pretenders to the Throne in Post-Independence Burma, Dr. Jordt will discuss how Burmese Buddhist ideas of power and sovereignty provide insight into unfolding contemporary events.

Tuesday, Feb. 9th @ 11 AM CST via Zoom Webinar

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