New Student Spotlight Episode Available!

Timmis Maddox is a PhD student studying Iron Age archaeology at UW-Milwaukee. Student Spotlight asks Timmis about his dissertation research, experiences in graduate school, and what he hopes to do after graduating. We learn that grad school can be a… Read More

BBC Chronicles the Revival of Juego de Pelota in Latin America

  By Aislinn Sanders and Pete Geraci Photos by Pete Geraci In Mexico, the Mesoamerican Ballgame Association is working to revive a 3,000-year-old team sport. The game, called ulama (or tlachitl in Nahuatl and pok-ta-pok in Mayan) is played by… Read More

1,300-year-old Maya Maize God sculpture uncovered in Mexico

By Aislinn Sanders On May 31st, 2022, Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History released a statement discussing the recent discovery of a Maya Maize God bust discovered at the Palenque archaeological site in the southernmost Mexican state of Chiapas…. Read More

Join us for Lake Park excavations June 11th & 12th!

Join the Archaeological Research Laboratory Center this weekend, June 11-12, for test excavations of the 1855 North Place Lighthouse! The project, co-headed by Seth Schneider and Brian McConnell, will take place from 8am-3pm on both days, and focus on the… Read More