Dissertations & Theses

Anthropology Graduates – Spring 2019

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2020 – Present


Driscoll, Joshua
Strategic Drinking: The Archaeology of Alcohol in Early Iron Age West Central Europe (PhD, 2023) Advisor: B. Arnold

Gansemer, Rebekah
Visibility and Intervisibility: A Viewshed Analysis of the Oneota Component of the Lake Koshkonong Locality (MS, 2023) Advisor: R. Jeske

Janik, Tarryl
Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth: Ayahuasca Decriminalization and the Struggle of an Institution to Become a Church (PhD, 2023) Advisor: I. Jordt

Lara, Joseph
Monitoring Welfare in Captive Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Using Individual Positional Behavior and Substrate Use Profiles (MS, 2023) Advisor: E. Middleton

Manresa, Armando
The Role of Fake and Fraudulent Objects Within the Museum Context: A Case Study of Tiwanaku Ceramics in the Milwaukee Public Museum Collection (MS, 2023) Advisor: W. Wood

Milosavljevic, Tania
A Paleoethnobotanical Comparison of Mortuary and Village Langford Tradition Sites in Northern Illinois (MS, 2023) Advisor: R. Jeske

Moriarity, Paul
The Dehumanizing Violence Index: An Old World/New World Comparison of Overkill in Archaeological Contexts (MS, 2023) Advisor: B. Arnold

Stanton, Emily
Life Styles, Death Styles, and Posthumous Portraiture: Elite Female Burials in Iron Age Europe (PhD, 2023) Advisor: B. Arnold


Ahlrichs, Robert
Social Networks and Archaic Foragers in the Western Great Lakes: A case study in the Old Copper Complex (PhD, 2022). Advisor: R. Jeske

Brennaman, Ashley
Tales from the Tooth Worm: Reconstruction of the Historic Oral Microbiome at the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery (PhD, 2022). Advisor: P. Richards

Densmore, Allison
Virtual Excavations: Digital Repositories, Data Reuse, and Ethically Accessible Archaeology (MS, 2022). Advisor: J. Sherman

Forbush, Morgan
Practice, Community, and Algorithms: How YouTube Creators Learn Through Making (MS, 2022). Advisor: T. Malaby

Forester, Abby
Let Go and Let God: An Ethnographic Study of Overeaters Anonymous (PhD, 2022) Advisor: P. Brodwin

Fourshee, Jordan
Differentiating Human From Nonhuman Bone: Insights From a Medical Examiner’s Collection, Kenosha, Wisconsin (MS, 2022) Advisor: E. Middleton

Gansemer, Jo
Stress and Parity Among Female Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) at Two Sites in South Africa (MS, 2022) Advisor: T. Turner

Johnson, Sydne
Two Cemeteries in One: An Historic Archaeological Analysis of the Cemeteries that Comprise Today’s Liberty Cemetery in Trevor, Wisconsin (MS, 2022) Advisor: P Richards

Jones, Catherine
Evidence of Lives Not Seen: The Bioarchaeology of Material Personhood at the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery (PhD, 2022). Advisor: P. Richards

Konkol, Luke
Incipient Games: Restoring the Past Through Play in Historical Reenactment (MS, 2022) Advisor: T. Malaby

McConnel, Sean
Entangled Conquest: A Study of Cultural Hybridization and Change in Norman Ireland (PhD, 2022) Advisor: B. Arnold

Rivers, Joshua
The Caretaking of EVE Online: Institutional Ethics and Enactments at CCP Games (PhD, 2022) Advisor: T. Malaby

Sanders, Aislinn
Function and Aesthetic Value: An Analysis of the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Thai Royal Silver Collection (MS, 2022) Advisor: W. Wood

Schumacher, Cody
The Effects of Hybridization on Skeletel Morphology in Two Closely Related Populations of Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) (MS, 2022) Advisor: E. Middleton

Stroll, Rachel
Interpreting the Socio-Symbolic Value of Jet and Amber Artifacts as Markers of Religious Transformation in Early Christian Britain (MS, 2022). Advisor: B. Arnold

Volz, Kendra
The Case of the Benin Bronzes: Exploring Repatriation in U.S. Museums (MS, 2022) Advisor: W. Wood


Allen, Christopher
Facing the Past: Engendering the Study of Iron Age Celtic Human Imagery in Continental Europe (MS, 2021). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Annis, Karissa
Archaeological Representation in Speculative Fiction: The Image of the Archaeologist in Star Wars (MS, 2021). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Ebling, Todd
Care in Crisis: The Ethical, Affective, and Subjective Worlds of Homeless Service Providers in a US City (PhD, 2021). Advisor: E. Bornstein.

Esche-Eiff, Karen
“Making God’s Love Manifest”: American Expressions and Productions of Charisma in Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s Global Following (PhD, 2021). Advisor: E. Bornstein

Greenlee, Dominic
Geostatistical Perspectives on Recuay Mortuary Landscapes in Highland Peru (MS, 2021) Advisor: J. Sherman

Harding, Megan
Oneota Lithic Economy and Tool Function at the Schmeling Site (47JE833) in Southeastern Wisconsin. (MS, 2021) Advisor: R. Jeske.

Skinner, Jessica
Bodily Memory in Digital Space: Personalized Bioarchaeological Research and Musculoskeletal Modeling at the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery (PhD, 2021). Advisor: P. Richards.

Vang-Roberts, Andrew
Impacts of Politicization and Conflict on Archaeological Resources: An Analysis of Trends in Iraq (MS, 2021) Advisor: B. Arnold


Barca, Maria
The Impact of Gender and Class on Disease and Trauma in 18th Century London: A Case Study of Three Cemetery Populations (MS, 2020).
Advisor: B. Arnold.

Bomkamp, Samantha
Typological and Iconographic Analyses of Casas Grandes Pottery at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2020).
Advisor: J. Sherman.

Burant, Eric
‘Penniless and Unknown’: Temporality of the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery – A GIS Analysis (MS, 2020).
Advisor: P. Richards.

Brinkman, Heather
Videogame Tourism: Spawning the Digital into the Physical Realm in the British Isles (PhD, 2020). Advisors: T. Malaby and W. Wood.

Eisner, Emma
Investigating the Contents of a Maya Tomb: An Analysis of the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Ceramic Collection from Chajul, Guatemala (MS, 2020).
Advisor: J. Sherman.

Ernat, Rebekah
Prehistoric Humans and Elk (Cervus canadensis) in the Western Great Lakes: A Zooarchaeological Perspective (MS,2020).
Advisor: J. Hudson.

Gallagher, Tara
Practical Problems and Moral Discourses: An Ethnography of Breastfeeding (MS, 2020).
Advisor: P. Brodwin.

Schmidt, Katrina
A Collection Divided: An Analysis of Accession 16082, The Ohio Hopewell Site Collection at The Milwaukee Public Museum (MS,2020).
Advisor: P. Richards.

Thornton, Megan
Compositional Analysis of Pottery from Middle Woodland Waukesha Phase Sites in Southeastern Wisconsin and Havana Hopewell Related Sites in Northeastern and Northwestern Illinois (MS, 2020).
Advisor: J. Richards.

Timler, Kiley
Learning and Expertise of Equestrians: A Qualitative Assessment of Combining Humans and Equines in a Sport (MS, 2020).
Advisor: P. Brodwin.

2015 – 2019


Akemann, Kevin
Collecting Aztalan: An Analysis of the Chipped Stone Projectile Points from the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Aztalan (JE-0001) Legacy Collections (MS, 2019). Advisor: J. Richards.

Anthony, Alexander
Less Than Human: A Study of the Institutional Origins of the Medical Waste Recovered at the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery (MS, 2019). Advisor: P. Richards.

Bodenstein, Nicole
Documenting Cordage Impressions on Archaeological Ceramics: A Methodological Comparison of Casting and Digital Representation (MS, 2019). Advisor: J. Richards.

Charles, B.
“Buried…like a Human Being” at the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery: A Bioarchaeological Approach to Defining Fetal and Infant Personhood through Biological Development, Historical Discourse, and Diapering (PhD, 2019). Advisor: P. Richards.

Cooley, Christopher
Looking for Group: Sociality, Embodiment, and Institutions in World of Warcraft (PhD, 2019). Advisor: T. Malaby.

Eberwein, Ann
Food for Thought: An Analysis of the Robenhausen Botanicals at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2019). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Eiseman, Emily
Sexual Dimorphism and the Shape of the Proximal Tibia in a Radiographic Sample (MS, 2019). Advisor: J. Gray.

Haas, Jennifer
Community Identity, Culinary Traditions and Foodways in the Western Great Lakes (PhD, 2019). Advisor: J. Richards.

Halaska, Rachelle
Heirloom and Hybrid Corn in the American Corn Belt: An Ethnography of Seed Saving Practices (MS, 2019). Advisor: T. Heatherington.

Hassman, Monique
Everyday Perseverance and Meaningful Toil: Mapping the (In)Distinguishable Process of Recovery Post-Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Louisiana (PhD, 2019). Advisor: W. Wood.

Hill, Susan
The Waiting Room: Re-Making Adulthood among America’s Underemployed (PhD, 2019). Advisor: K. Applbaum.

McTavish, Rachel
Foodways and a Violent Landscape: A Comparative Study of Oneota and Langford Human-Animal-Environmental Relationships (PhD, 2019). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Saleh, Andrew
Using Historic Glo and GIS to Assess the Potential for Local Bison bison near Two Wisconsin Late Prehistoric Oneota Localities (MS, 2019). Advisor: J. Hudson.

Thomas-Flores, Heather
Pena, Pinahua, and Prestige: Shame and Linguistic Insecurity in Upper Balsas Classrooms (MS, 2019). Advisor: B. Perley.

Vander Heiden, Robert
Lithic Technological Organization at the Aztalan Site (47-JE-0001) (MS, 2019). Advisor: J. Richards.

Werner, Helen
That Other Form of Madness: A Multidisciplinary Study of Infectious Disease within the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery (PhD, 2019). Advisor: P. Richards.

Werner, Nikita
Minors in the Mines: Archaeological Indicators of Child Labor in Prehistoric Mining Contexts in Europe (MS, 2019). Advisor: B. Arnold.


Auten, Madison
Ancient Andean Tattooing Practices (MS, 2018). Advisor: J. Hudson.

Carlson, Sarah
An Evolving Experiment in Community Engagement: The Philippine Co-Curation Partnership at the Field Museum (MS, 2018). Advisor: W. Wood.

Carpiaux, Natalie
The Koshkonong Creek Village Site (47JE0379): Ceramic Production, Function, and Deposition at an Oneota Occupation in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 2018). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Coffey, Cassandra
Creating Inclusive Experiences in Children’s Museums for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (MS, 2018). Advisor: W. Wood.

Drew. Brooke
Death in Anonymity: Population Dynamics and the Individual within the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery, 1882-1925 (PhD, 2018). Advisor: P. Richards.

Janik, Tarryl Jr.
A Return to Dark Shamans: Kanaima and the Cosmology of Threat (MS, 2018). Advisor: I. Jordt.

Klemmer, Amy
A Zooarchaeological Study of Fishing Strategies over Time at the Rio Chico Site on the Central Coast of Ecuador (MS, 2018). Advisor: J. Hudson.

LaBerge, Michelle
The Heart of the Madder: An Important Prehistoric Pigment and its Botanical and Cultural Roots (MS, 2018). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Pagel, Victoria
Fluid Functionality: An Examination of Shifting Identities Using North American Indian German Silver Brooches at the Milwaukee Public Museum as a Case Study (MS, 2018). Advisor: W. Wood.

Spott, Elizabeth
Identity in the Archaeological Record: Richardville Natoequah and the Fur Trade in Northeastern Indiana (PhD, 2018). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Sterner Miller, Katherine
Stone Tools and Agricultural Communities: Economic, Microwear, and Residue Analysis of Wisconsin Oneota Lithic Assemblages (PhD, 2018). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Thorson, Lindsey
Population Change in Times of War: Biodistance Analysis of Medieval and Early Modern Skeletal Populations from Adriatic Croatia (PhD, 2018). Advisor: P. Richards.


Albert, Elizabeth
Unveiling Recovery: A Discourse Analysis of Mental Illness Recovery Narratives (MS, 2017). Advisor: P. Brodwin.

Birnbaum, Michelle
The Richter Site (47DR80): A Millennium of Prehistoric Technological and Cultural Change on Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin (PhD, 2017). Advisor: J.

Draxler, Sean
The Influence of Hierarchy Steepness on Cooperation: A Comparison Between Captive Japanese Macaques and Black-Handed Spider Monkeys (MS, 2017). Advisor: T. Turner.

Edwards, Richard
The Canine Surrogacy Approach and Paleobotany: An Analysis of Wisconsin Oneota Agricultural Production and Risk Management Strategies (PhD, 2017). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Frankel, Alexandra
Mother Bright the Henna: K’na Gecesi and Fragmented Imaginations of the Nation-State
(MS, 2017). Advisor: T. Heatherington.

Freire, Shannon
A Public Humanity: The Application of Isotopic Analysis to the Intersection between Body and Law at the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery (PhD, 2017). Advisor: P. Richards.

Frie, Adrienne
Cultural Constructions of Nature: Animal Representations and Use in Early Iron Age Southeastern Slovenia (PhD, 2017). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Garstki, Kevin
Production and Technological Change: Ironworking in Prehistoric Ireland (PhD, 2017).
Advisor: B. Arnold.

Ghisleni, Lara
Shifting Ground: Rethinking Concepts of Continuity and Change in Late Iron Age and Early Roman Landscapes of Southern England (PhD, 2017). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Gilliland-Lloyd, Auriana
Variation in Stress among Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) at Different Stages of Rehabilitation in South Africa (MS, 2017). Advisor: T. Turner

Hassam, Stephan
Melita in Milwaukee: The Milwaukee Public Museum’s Leopardi Collection (MS,
2017). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Liebeseller, Laya
Rules of the House: Strategy. Tactic, and Violence in One World by Night, World of Darkness, Live-Action Role-Play Games (MS, 2017). Advisor: T. Malaby.

Rodenbeck, Erica
An Intersectional Examination of the Portrayal of Native American Women in Wisconsin Museum Exhibits (MS, 2017). Advisor: W. Wood.

Strange, David
The Saints Peter and Paul Parish and the Milwaukee County Poor Farm: A Comparative Osteological Analysis Between Two Historic Cemeteries in Wisconsin (MS, 2017). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Trotter, Katherine
A Matter of Suspension: An Experimental Approach to Hammerstone Hafting in Prehistoric Keweenaw Copper Mining (MS, 2017). Advisor:  B. Arnold.


Beer, Kaitlin
“It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite”, Information and Secrecy in the Chicago DIY Punk Music Scene (MS, 2016). Advisor: W. Wood.

Billings, Traci
Gender Reflections: A Reconsideration of Pictish Mirror and Comb Symbols (MS, 2016). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Bindley, Kathleen
Consumerism and Ceramics at the Stephen Field Farmstead, Walworth County, Wisconsin (MS, 2016) Advisor: P. Richards.

Buntin, Maisie
Babies and Biomedicine: Knowledge System Negotiation in the Domain of Infant Care (MS, 2016). Advisor: B. Campbell.

Epping, Amanda
Captive Chimpanzee Group and Individual Space Use in a Naturalistic Enclosure (MS, 2016). Advisor: T. Turner.

Epstein, Emily
Nobi Ni-Tse’tse’ede (House on the Cold One): Hunter-gatherer Household Archaeology and Climate Change, Harney County, Oregon (PhD, 2016). Advisor: J. Hudson.

Epstein, Ethan
Late Paleo-Indian Period Lithic Economics, Mobility, and Group Organization in Wisconsin (PhD, 2016). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Geraci, Peter
The Prehistoric Economics of the Kautz Site: A Late Archaic and Woodland Site in Northeastern Illinois (MS, 2016). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Gray, Shukrani
The New Orleans Festival Arts Community: Embodying Culture, Performing Afrocentric Identity (MS, 2016). Advisor: W. Wood.

Klingman-Cole, Sarah
Land Use Analysis of the Milwaukee County Institutional Grounds: A Chronological and Spatial Depiction of Cultural Change (MS, 2016). Advisor: P. Richards.

Malone, Krista-Lee
Islands in the Making: National Investment and the Cultural Imagination in Taiwan (PhD, 2016). Advisor: T. Malaby.

Liu, Yang
Configuring the Qualification of Good Coffee: An Ethnography on the Specialty Coffee Industry in Milwaukee (MS, 2016). Advisor: T. Heatherington.

Mollerud, Katy
The Cambria Connection: Identifying Ceremic Production and Community Interaction in Late Prehistoric Minnesota, A.D. 1050-130 (PhD, 2016). Advisor: J. Richards.

Ponte, Victor
Regional Perspective of Recuay Mortuary Practices: A View from the Hinterlands, Callegon de Huaylas, Peru (MS, 2016). Advisor: J. Hudson.

Pozza, Jacqueline
Investigating the Functions of Copper Material Culture from Four Oneota Sites in the Lake Koshkonong Locality of Wisconsin (MS, 2016). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Price, Cheri
To Temper or Not to Temper: A Petrographic Textual Study of Clays and Formative Ceramic Sherds from the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico (MS, 2016). Advisor: J. Sherman.

Pruhs, Erin
Powell Mound, Titterington, and the Cahokia Ceramic Collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2016). Advisor: J. Richards.

Roller, Amanda
Death Keeps No Calendar: Dating Mortuary Hardware from the Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church Cemetery (MS, 2016). Advisor: P. Richards.

Skinner, Jessica
Entheses and Activities: The Multivariate Mechanisms of Entheseal Change for Individuals Represented by the 2013 Excavations of the Milwaukee County Institutional Grounds Cemetery (MS, 2016). Advisor: F. Anapol.

Wilson, Stephen
Late Prehistoric Lithic Economies in the Prairie Peninsula: A Comparison of Oneota and Langford in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois (MS, 2016). Advisor: R. Jeske.


Barone, Lindsay
The New Pulpit: Museums, Authority, and the Cultural Reproduction of Young-Earth Creationism (PhD, 2015). Advisor: B. Campbell.

Bluma, Jacquelyn I.
Incorporating the Skeletal Remains in Two German Lutheran Cemeteries into the surrounding Immigrant Population of Mequon, Wisconsin (MS, 2015). Advisor: P. Richards.

Connelly, Clare
A Partial Reading of the Stones: A Comparative Analysis of Irish and Scottish Ogham Pillar Stones (MS, 2015). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Dicks, Andrew
Enlightening the Bats: Sound and Place Making in Burmese Buddhist Practice (MS, 2015). Advisor: I. Jordt.

Fafara-Thompson, Antoinette
Distinguishing Venereal Syphilis from other Treponenal Infections on the Human Skeleton (MS, 2015) Advisor: F. Anapol.

Fetzer, Rebecca
Collecting in Context: A Study of the Milwaukee Public Museum’s French Paleolithic Faunal Collection (MS, 2015). Advisor: J. Hudson.

Henry, Jamie
A Preliminary Museological Analysis of the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Euphrates Valley Expedition Metal Collection (MS, 2015). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Hooyer, Katinka
Mentally Disordered or Culturally Displaced? How the PTSD Label Transforms Personhood in U.S. Military Veterans (PhD, 2015). Advisor: P. Brodwin.

Jones, Anika
Welfare Queens to Childcare Queens: The Political Economy of Low-income Childcare (PhD, 2015). Advisor: E. Bornstein.

Kubek, Margaret
Food (In)Security: Provisioning Strategies in a Northern Wisconsin Town (MS, 2015). Advisor: T. Heatherington.

Kukes, Tabitha
Defining Genocide: A Biological Perspective of Mass Burials in Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina (MS, 2015). Advisor: F. Anapol.

McIlraith, Devyn
Forgotten Sherds: Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics from the Riverside Site (20ME01), Michigan (MS, 2015). Advisor: J. Richards.

McClendon, Barbara
The Sickle’s Edge: An Experimental Use-wear Approach to Investigating Sickle Deposition in Bronze Age Europe (MS, 2015). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Mottl, Kristen
Re-examined and Re-defined: An Exploration and Comparative Analysis of Moche Ceramic Vessels in the Milwaukee Public Museum Collections (MS, 2015). Advisor: J. Hudson.

Murphy, Liam
Charles Rau’s Swiss Lake Dwelling Collection at the Smithsonian Institution (MS, 2015). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Reeves, Cara
Head and Shoulders above the Rest: Birch-Bark Hats and Elite Status in Iron Age Europe (MS, 2015). Advisor: B. Arnold.

Schneider, Seth
Onoeta Ceramic Production and Exchange: Social, Economic, and Political Interactions in Eastern Wisconsin between A.D. 1050 – 1400 (PhD, 2015). Advisor: R. Jeske.

Stencil, Zachary
Vertebrate Evidence for Diet and Food-Processing at the Multicomponent Finch Site (47-Je-0902) in Jefferson County, Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 2015). Advisor: J. Hudson.

Werner, Helen
Molecular Identification of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in the Milwaukee County Institution Grounds Cemetery (MS, 2015). Advisor: P. Richards.



Arnold, William
Fire on the Mountain: The Bronze and Iron Alpine Ash Altar Material in the Frankfurth Collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2014). Advisor: Arnold

Balistreri, Amanda
Putting the Dead on Display: An Exploration of Visitor Perceptions and Motivations Regarding Preserved Human Remains in Museums with Particular Emphasis on the Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato and Body Worlds & the Cycle of Life (MS, 2014). Advisor: Villamil

Freeman, Allyse
Investigating Sociopolitical Complexity through the Presentation of Food: An Analysis of Middle to Late Formative Ceramics from Amalucan, Puebla, Mexico (MS, 2014). Advisor: Sherman

Kincade, Kaitlin
The Razor’s Edge: Constructing Male Identity in Bronze and Iron Age Northern Europe (MS, 2014). Advisor: Arnold

Kotwasinski, Jill
Understanding Use and Fuction: An Intrasite Comparative Analysis of the 2011 UWM Aztalan Ceramic Assemblage (MS, 2014). Advisor: J. Richards

Leigl, Megan
An Intra-Site Spatial Analysis of Selected Faunal Remains from the Aztalan Site (47JE01) (MS, 2014). Advisor: Hudson

Miller, Sara
Historiographical and Archaeological Study of the M. S. Thomson Collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2014). Advisor: Sherman

Mortensen, Jenna
The Implications of Content Analysis for the Interpretation of Unguentaria in Museum Collections (MS, 2014). Advisor: Arnold

Newbury, Diane
Andean Archaeological Featherwork at the Milwaukee Public Museum: A Case Study in Researching Potential Context for Limited-Provenience Artifacts (MS, 2014). Advisor: Hudson

Smith, Sarah
Colonial Contacts and Individual Burials: Structure, Agency, and Identity in 19th Century Wisconsin (MS, 2014). Advisor: P. Richards


Barnes, Katherine
Do No Harm: Prescription Abuse and the Paraprofessionalism of Pharmacists (MS, 2013). Advisor: Brodwin

Dore, Kerry
An Anthropological Investigation of the Dynamic Human-Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus aethiops sabaeus) Interface in St. Kitts, West Indies (PhD, 2013). Advisor: Turner

Flannery, Amanda
Oral History and Archaeology of the Keith’s Siding Site (MS, 2013). Advisor: P. Richards

Ireland, Jessica
“Democracy” in a Virtual World: Eve Online’s Council of Stellar Management and the Power of Influence (MS, 2013). Advisor: Malaby

Kaczmarek, Amy
Vessel Form and Function in the Ceramic Assemblages from Bilbao and Santa Lucia Cotzumalhuapa, Guatemala (MS, 2013). Advisor: Sherman

Kotowicz, Allison
Maasai Identity in the 21st Century (MS, 2013). Advisor: Ajirotutu

Kreutzer, Daniel
“The Ruins and Us Go Together”: The Neoliberal Challenge to Archaeological Heritage and Patrimony in Mexico (PhD, 2013). Advisor: P. Richards

Maxwell, Katherine
Historic Museum Collections as Primary Sources: Thomas Wilson’s Robenhausen Material at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History (MS, 2013). Advisor: Arnold

McTavish, Rachel
Faunal Subsistence Strategies Among Initial Period Coastal Fishers at the Gramalote Site in the Moche Valley of Peru (MS, 2013). Advisor: Hudson

Picard, Jennifer
Northern Flint, Southern Root: A Diachronic Analysis of Paleoethnobotanical Remains and Maize Race at the Aztalan Site (47-JE-0001) (MS, 2013). Advisor: J. Richards

Samuelson, Amy
Frustration and Creativity: Environmentalism in the Republic of Moldova (PhD, 2013). Advisor: Heatherington

Tenorio, Ramona
Medicina Del Barrio: Shadow Medicine among Milwaukee’s Latino Community (PhD, 2013). Advisor: Heatherington

Zimmerman, Lisa
Brick by Brick: A Comparative Analysis of Brickworks and Structures in the Belgian-American Community of the Door Peninsula (MS, 2013). Advisor: P. Richards

Zych, Thomas
The Construction of a Mound and a New Community: An Analysis of the Ceramic and Feature Assemblages from the Northeast Mound at the Aztalan Site (MS, 2013). Advisor: J. Richards


Balco, William
Material Expressions of Social Change: Indigenous Sicilian Responses to External Influences in the First Millennium B.C. (PhD, 2012). Advisor: Arnold

Boor, Jocelyn E.
Pots to People: The Tell Hadidi Ceramics from Area C at the Milwaukee Public Museum (PhD, 2012). Advisor: Arnold

Clauter, Jody
Effigy Mounds, Social Identity, and Ceramic Technology: Decorative Style, Clay Composition, and Petrography of Wisconsin Late Woodland Ceramic Vessels (PhD, 2012). Advisor: Jeske

Danzy, Jennifer L.
Sociosexual Communication and Female Mate Choice among South African Vervet Monkeys (PhD, 2012). Advisor: Turner

Fritsch, Andrea D.
Generating Legitimate Authority in Water Initiative Planning: Watershed Restoration and Urban River Corridor Redevelopment (MS, 2012). Advisor: Applbaum

Gaetano, Tegan
Hormonal and Morphological Aspects of Growth and Sexual Maturation in Wild-Caught Male Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops pygerythrus) (MS, 2012). Advisor: Turner

Herron, Ciera M.
An Osteological and Ceramic Analysis of the 18 Mile Point Site, Santa Rosa, Florida (MS, 2012). Advisor: P. Richards

Hulit, Elissa
The Promise and Potential in Generating Models of Prehistoric Clay Resources using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescensce (MS, 2012). Advisor: J. Richards

Kirchner, Julia
Never Put Your Head Down Unless You Pray: The Stories of African American Men in the Wisconsin Prison System (PhD, 2012). Advisor: Gray

Koziarski, Ralph
Meskwaki Fur Trade Economics: The Zooarchaeology of Cultural Contact (PhD, 2012). Advisor: Hudson

Lindsay, Patrick A.
Conjuntures Contrived: The Constant Re-Identification of Glasgow Rangers Fans (PhD, 2012). Advisor: Malaby

Murphy, Arianna
The Poetics and Politics of Ivory Collecting and Display at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2012). Advisor: Wood

O’Brien, Erin E.
Selling an Organic Experience: Exploring the Interface between Hmong and Non-Hmong Farmers and their Customers at Two Wisconsin Farmers’ Markets (MS, 2012). Advisor: Jordt

Schaub, Donald C.
“Helpers of Each Other”: Collective Purpose Volunteers at a Faith-Based Ministry Mentor to Formerly Incarcerated Individuals (MS, 2012). Advisor: Applbaum

Sharpless, Megan S.
The Archaeology of Working-class Children in the Nineteenth Century in New York’s Five Points Neighborhood and Paterson, New Jersey (MS, 2012). Advisor: J. Richards

Sterner, Katherine M.
Oneota Lithics: A Use-wear Analysis of the Crescent Bay Hunt Club Assemblage from the 2004 Excavations (MS, 2012). Advisor: Jeske

Warwick, Matthew
In the Shadow of the Penon: A Zooarchaeological Study of Formative Diet, Economy, and Sociopolitics in the Rio Pukara Valley, Peru (PhD, 2012). Advisor: Hudson

Wawrzyniak, Andrea M.
Connecting to Community: Polania and the Polish Museum of America (MS, 2012). Advisor: Heatherington

Zanskas, Michelle C.
Lasting Impressions: Museum Visits and Bonding Between Care Receivers with Dementia and their Caregivers (MS, 2012). Advisor: Perley


Caywood, Alyssa M.
The Choice of Legions: The Terra Sigillata Collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2011). Advisor: Arnold

Dybowski, Daniel G.
The Analytical Limits of 19th Century Lithic Collections in Identifying Variation and Lithic Variability in Thirteen French Paleolithic Assemblages from the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2011). Advisor: Jeske

Farley, Ned W.
The Garden Archaeology of Frontier Cemeteries: An Archaeological Survey of the Mount Hope Cemetery Group (Walworth County, Wisconsin) (PhD, 2011). Advisor: P. Richards

Foley Winkler, Kathleen M.
Oneota and Langford Mortuary Practices from Eastern Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois (PhD, 2011). Advisor: Jeske

Freire, Shannon K.
Wormian Bones: A Reliability Study of Methods for Scoring a Non-metric Human Oesteological Trait (MS, 2011). Advisor: P. Richards

Jones, Catherine R.
Hope Dies Last: Applying Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy to the Elemental Analysis of Human Bone (MS, 2011). Advisor: P. Richards

Ko, Jen-Li
Cultural Representations and Museums: The Construction of Ethnic Identity in Chicago’s Chinatown (PhD, 2011). Advisor: Brodwin

Oestreich, Rebecca L.
Commemoration and Memory in the Museum (MS, 2011). Advisor: Washabaugh

Magnuson, Christopher
Transcending Gender: Experiences and Perceptions of Gender Transition (PhD, 2011). Advisor: Jordt

Nemetz, Brenda S.
An Examination of Authenticity in Performance and Narrative within the Midwestern Ghost Tour (MS, 2011). Advisor: Washabaugh

Ross, Katherine R.
Counting the Discounted: A Preliminary Zooarchaeological Study of Swiss Lake-Dwelling Collections in Two U.S. Museums (MS, 2011). Advisor: Hudson

Schulenburg, Marcus A.
Ceramic Analysis in the Upper Miami Valley: Using Clay Sourcing to Determine Intraregional Contact (MS, 2011). Advisor: Jeske

Segal, Oren
Fashion and Indentity in Post-Socialist Slovakia (PhD, 2011). Advisor: Applbaum

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Evidence of Trauma Resulting from Vehicular Impacts Present Among Individuals in the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery Collection (MS, 2011). Advisor: P. Richards

Winkler, Daniel M.
Plainview Lithic Technology and the Late Paleoindian Social Organization in the Western Great Lakes (PhD, 2011). Advisor: Jeske


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A Ceramic Analysis for the Shrake-Gilles Village: An Oneota Habitation Site in Trempealeau, Wisconsin (MS, 2010). Advisor: J. Richards

Dalstrom, Matthew D.
The Medical Migration in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands (PhD, 2010). Advisor: Brodwin

Edwards, Richard Wynn IV
Oneota Settlement Patterns around Lake Koskonong in Southeast Wisconsin: An Environmental Catchment Analysis using GIS Modeling (MS, 2010). Advisor: Jeske

Ghisleni, Lara
Gender, Domestic Space and Temporality in Late Iron Age and Early Roman Dorset (MS, 2010). Advisor: Arnold

Grimm, Peter
Vertebrate Resource Utilization at the McCauley Site (47-WN-222): Impacts of the Fur Trade on Subsistence & Seasonality in Eastern Wisconsin (MS, 2010). Advisor: Hudson

Hassman, Monique D.
Planting Place and Purpose in Milwaukee: An Ethnography of Localizing Urban Agriculture (MS, 2010). Advisor: Ajirotutu

Haugen, Carrie J.
Autonomy Ideas and Ideals: Medical Decision Making with Community Based Human Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (MS, 2010). Advisor: Brodwin

Hopper, Jessica L.
Where Saints and Souls Meet: An Examination of the Intersections of Life and Death in Gozo, Malta (MS, 2010). Advisor: Malaby

Lemke, Andrea A.
The Associations between Allomothering and Oxytocin: Examining Females with and without Exposure to Children (MS, 2010). Advisor: Campbell

Moss, James D.
Intrasite Feature Analysis of the Crescent Bay Hunt Club Site (47JE904), An Oneota Site in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 2010). Advisor: Jeske

Pampush, James D.
Human Food Access and it Effects on South African Vervet Body Mass (MS, 2010). Advisor: Turner

Pierson, Alisa A.
Exhibiting Indo-America: Representation and the Construction of Ethnic Identity at the Indo-American Heritage Site (MS, 2010). Advisor: Bornstein

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Use of Gesture by Great Ape Mother-offspring Dyads: A Comparative Analysis of Captive Populations of Bonobos, Orangutans, and Gorillas (MS, 2010). Advisor: Turner

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Skeletal Analysis of the Remains of Juveniles from the Milwaukee County Institutional Grounds Poor Farm Cemetery, 1880-1920, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (MS, 2010): Advisor: P. Richards

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Proprietors without a Spiritual Pillar: The Search for Revitalization among the Hmong in the Midwestern United States (PhD, 2010). Advisor: Jordt

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Shelf Life: Anthropological Reflections on African Collection Development (MS, 2010). Advisor: Perley

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Oxytocin, Vasopressin and Dominance Rank in a Large Captive Group of Bonobos (Pan paniscus) (MS, 2010). Advisor: Turner

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The Formative Ceramic Figure Collection from the Site of Cahal Pech, Belize (MS, 2010). Advisor: Sherman



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Digit Ratio (2D:4D) and Ponderal Index as Predictors of Half-Marathon Performance (MS, 2009). Advisor: Campbell

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Beyond Borders of Belief: Milwaukee Devotees in the Mata Amritanandamayi Mission in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Amritapuri, India (MS, 2009). Advisor: Bornstein

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Orphans as Alloparents: A Study on the Influence of Adoption of Unrelated Infants on Rank, Behavior, and Troop Formation among Vervet Monkeys at a Rehabilitation Facility (MS, 2009). Advisor: Turner

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Archaeological Value: Contingent, Constructed, Contested (MS, 2009). Advisor: Arnold

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Changing Perspectives: “A Tribute to Survival” as a Case Study for Museums and Social Responsibility (MS, 2009). Advisor: Perley

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The Hebior Mammoth: Skeletal Analysis and Experimental Butchery for a Proboscidean and Paleoindian Interaction Site in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 2009). Advisor: Hudson

Jordan, Alexis
A Preliminary Study of Iron Age Glass in Ireland, with Particular Emphasis on the Glass Beads (MS, 2009). Advisor: Arnold

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Paganistan: The Emergence and Persistence of a Contemporary Pagan Community in Minnesota’s Twin Cities (PhD, 2009). Advisor: Arnold

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Behavioral and Hormonal Variability in Vervet Monkeys under Stressed Conditions (MS, 2009). Advisor: Turner

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An Osteological Investigation of the Late Woodland Raisbeck Effigy Mound Group Grant County, Wisconsin (MS, 2009). Advisor: Jeske


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Reporting Cultural Resources through Digital Collections: A Case Study of Materials from the Williamsonville Site (47DR241) Door County, Wisconsin (MS, 2008). Advisor: J. Richards

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The Enigma of Amlash: Recontextualizing a Decontextualized Museum Collection from Northwestern Iran (MS, 2008). Advisor: Arnold

Farley, Erin L.
The Multivocality of Weapons: Functional and Symbolic Aspects of Celtic Weaponry (MS, 2008). Advisor: Arnold

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Second to Fourth Digit Ratio (2D/4D) in Males with Different Subtypes of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (MS, 2008). Advisor: Gray

Estrin, Alejandra A.
Mujeres Mexicanas de Milwaukee: Stress and the Social Support of Women (PhD, 2008). Advisor: Turner

Hanna, Nicole N.
The Juvenile Justice System in Japan and the United States: A Study of Collectivist and Individualist Perspectives (MS, 2008). Advisor: Gray

Karss-Siemers, Brenda K.
An Evaluation-Based Pilot Study of Museum Professional and Teenager Opinions of Teen Programming (MS, 2008). Advisor: Arnold

Kubicek, Richard H.
Contextualizing a “Lost” Collection: The Field Museum’s La Tène Material (MS, 2008). Advisor: Arnold

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Genetic Variability in Three South African Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus aethiops) Populations (MS, 2008). Advisor: Turner

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Getting to the Point: Typology, Morphology, and Lithic Material Variation in the Milwaukee Public Museum Projectile Point Collection from the Aztalan Site (MS, 2008). Advisor: J. Richards

Smith, Kathleen
An Osteological and Activity Pattern Analysis of the Kratz Creek Effigy Mound Site, Marquette County, Wisconsin (MS, 2008). Advisor: P. Richards

Tagliaferri, Christine
The Impact of Nutrition and Animal Exposure on the Specific Health Complaints of Settled and Nomadic Turkana (MS, 2008). Advisor: Campbell


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Living in an Imagined Past: Visitor Responses to the European Village Exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2007). Advisor: Arnold

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Diasporic Moments: Practicing Clan in the Somali Diaspora (PhD, 2007). Advisor: Malaby

Cannizzo, Anna
Enlightened: An Analysis of a Collection of Ancient Mediterranean Oil Lamps from the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2007). Advisor: Arnold

Dahlen, Timothy N.
An Analysis of the Copper-Based Metal Artifacts from the Flynn Site: An Orr Phase Oneota Cemetery in Northeastern Iowa (MS, 2007). Advisor: Jeske

Drake, Saul
Consumer Culture: How Cultures are Consumed: Research into the Symbolic and Physical Environment (MS, 2007). Advisor: Gray

Epstein, Ethan
Distant Cores: Lithic Technology Group Mobility and Late Archaic Economic Adaptations at the Mortar Riddle Site, Steens Mountain, Oregon (35HA2627) (MS, 2007). Advisor: Jeske

Fiene, Julia
Policies, Pills, and Procedures: The Complexities of Medical Pluralism and Structural Violence among Hispanic Immigrant and Migrant Women (MS, 2007). Advisor: Brodwin

Freeman, Antonio
The Political Economy of Ambivalence in the Dominican Republic: Race, Ethnicity, and the Formation of National Identity (PhD, 2007). Advisor: Brodwin

Gredell, Erin
Research Potential of Poorly Provenienced Museum Collections: a Case Study of a Mexican Cave Assemblage at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS 2007). Advisor: J. Richards

Hamlin, Christine
The Material Expression of Social Change: The Mortuary Correlates of Gender and Age in Late Pre-Roman Iron Age and Roman Dorset (PhD, 2007). Advisor: Arnold

Handwerk, Elizabeth
An Osteological and Mortuary Analysis of the McClaughry Effigy Mound Site, Marquette County, Wisconsin (MS 2007). Advisor: P. Richards

Malone, Krista-Lee
Governance and Economy in a Virtual World: Guild Organization in World of Warcraft (MS, 2007). Advisor: Malaby

Mueller, Emily Jane
Multitasking on the Mountain: An Analysis of a Northern Great Basin Zooarchaeological Assemblage, Mortar Riddle Site (35HA2627), Steens Mountain (Tse’tse’ede), Oregon (MS, 2007). Advisor: Hudson

Naunapper, Linda
History, Archaeology and the Construction of Ethnicity: Bell Type II Ceramics and the Potawatomi (PhD, 2007). Advisor: Jeske

Sabo, Bridget
Procuring Pipestone: an Examination of Pipe Material Selection in Wisconsin from the Late Archaic to the Historic Periods (MS 2007). Advisor: J. Richards

Stroik, John
An Analysis of Four Lohmann to Early Stirling Phase Structures in the Mound 72 Precinct at the Cahokia Site (MS 2007). Advisor: J. Richards

Trumbull, Alexandra
The New Age in Perspective: Transcending the Spirituality-Consumerism Divide (MS, 2007). Advisor: Jordt

Thimke, Elisabeth A.
Urinary Testosterone and Cortisol Levels and Rank in Male and Female Bonobo Apes (Pan paniscus) (MS, 2007). Advisor: Turner


Asmussen, Cyra
Gone “Phishin”: An Ethnographic Study on the Jam Band Phish (1983-2004) and the Phish Head Community that Formed around the Music (MS, 2006). Advisor: Washabaugh

Bohms, Jeralyn
A Preliminary Analysis of Maya Incensarios Deposited in Lake Amatitan, Guatemala. (MS, 2006). Advisor: J. Richards

Brandon, Angela
Exploring Possible Associations between Effigy Mounds and Petroforms in Dodge and Fond Du Lac Counties (MS, 2006). Advisor: Jeske

Buechel, Michael
Between the Sun and the Moon: Espace Sobo Bade Encountering Globalization and the Production of Local Meaning through Place (MS, 2006). Advisor: Jordt

Carr, Alyson
The Roles of Bilingual Hmong Professionals in the Maintenance of the Hmong Language in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (MS, 2006). Advisor: Perley

Johnson, James
Different Strokes for Different Folks: Contingency, Entanglement and Bone and Antler Tools in the Swiss Neolithic (MS, 2006). Advisor: Arnold

Lange, Allison
A Regional Analysis of Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in Iowa and Juneau Counties, Wisconsin (MS, 2006). Advisor: J. Richards

Petit, Melissa
Gender Shifts: Archaeological Correlates of Transgendered Ritual Practitioners (MS, 2006). Advisor: Arnold

Van Beckum, Jonathan
The “Rediscovery” of the First Fort Crawford: a Study Using Archaeological and Archival Data to Interpret and Date an Early Nineteenth Century American Fortification (MS, 2006). Advisor: P. Richards

Wellner, Kari
An Analysis of the Human Remains from the Richter Site (47DR80): Diet and Health at a North Bay Phase, Middle Woodland Site in Door County (MS, 2006). Advisor: P. Richards

Williams, Ann
A Women’s Nonprofit Organization in Crises: An Ethnography of Volunteerism (PhD, 2006). Advisor: Applbaum


Bradley, Melissa
Paleopathology and Nutritional Health at the Nitschke Effigy Mound Site, Dodge County, WI (MS, 2005). Advisor: Jeske

Dalke, Karen
The Real and the Imagined: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Wild Horse in the American Landscape (PhD, Fall 2005). Advisor: Ajirotutu

de Bie, Melissa
Who’s Who in Plateau Cornhusk Bags? An Analysis of Maker Marks on Cornhusk Bag (MS, 2005). Advisor: Arnold

Her, Vincent
Hmong Mortuary Practices: Self, Place and Meaning in Urban America (PhD, 2005). Advisor: Brodwin

Heydt-Nelson, Jessie
Sheela-na-gigs and the Expedient Transmutation of Female Imagery (MS, 2005). Advisor: Arnold

Kaufmann, Kira E.
Effigy Mound Sites as Cultural Landscapes: A Geophysical Spatial Analysis of Two Late Woodland Sites in Southeastern Wisconsin (PhD, 2005). Advisor: Jeske

Lillis, Jaclyn
Weaving Our Way Through the Past: An Examination of Textiles from the Swiss Lake-Dwelling Site of Robenhausen at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2005). Advisor: Arnold

Lowry, Brett
Animal Sacrifice and Feasting in Celtic Gaul: Regional Variation, Costly Signaling and Symbolism (MS, 2005). Advisor: Arnold

Mollerud, Katy
Messages, Meanings and Motifs: An Analysis of Ramey Incised Ceramics at the Aztalan Site (MS, 2005). Advisor: J. Richards

Moore, Gregory
Archaeological Correlates of Warfare in the Iron Age Mortuary Record: Patterns and Variations (MS, 2005). Advisor: Arnold

Robinson, Jacqueline
The Translocality of the Ciwara Tradition in Rural and Urban Mali (PhD, 2005). Advisor: Ajirotutu

Robinson, Matthew
Repercussions or Re-percussions? The History, Politics, and Regulation of Style and Style Change in Senegalese Mbalax (MS, 2005). Advisor: Applbaum

Rosenow, Leah
Small Things Remembered: The Tell Hadidi Beads at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2005). Advisor: Arnold

Sera, James
Social Hierarchy and Mobility: Capoeira in Salvador, Brazil (PhD, 2005). Advisor: Brodwin

Snell, Samuel
Geographic Information Systems and Intrasite Analysis at the Bell Site (47WN9) (MS, 2005). Advisor: J. Richards

Sorenson, Nicole
Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire: A Historical Archaeological Investigation of the Peshtigo Fire’s Impact at the Williamsonville Site, Door Country Wisconsin (MS, 2005). Advisor: P. Richards

Stavish, Patricia
Women and Children First: the Distribution of Grave Goods at the La Tène Cemetery at Münsingen-Rain, Switzerland (MS, 2005). Advisor: Arnold

Watson, Robert
The Creation of Space and Place at Cahokia: Mound 72, Mound 96, and the Mound 72 Precinct (PhD, 2005). Co-Advisors: Arnold and Fowler

2000 – 2004


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The Richter Site: A Lithic Analysis of a North Bay Site on Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula (MS, 2004). Advisor: Jeske

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What’s Good for the Goose: The Use of Faunal Remains to Identify the Ethnicity and Economic Status of a Pomeranian Immigrant Farmstead (MS, 2004). Advisor: Hudson

Foley Winkler, Kathleen
Oneota Mortuary Practices in Southeast Wisconsin (MS, 2004). Advisor: Jeske

Halverson, Laura
Clam River Focus Ceramics Re-examined: Variation within the Type Collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2004). Advisor: J. Richards

Hewitt, Lindsey
Resistance and Reproduction: Day-to-Day Negotiations of Gender Identity Construction at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (MS, 2004). Advisor: Malaby

Koziarski, Ralph
Vertebrate Resource Utilization at the Late Prehistoric Component of the Bell Site (47WN9): an Application of Optimal Foraging Theory to Subsistence Analysis (MS, 2004). Advisor: Hudson

Mollet, Janean
Identifying Children in the Archaeological Record at the Jeremiah Curtin House (MS, 2004). Advisor: P. Richards

Naseri, Masoud
Medical Pluralism among Iran’s Nomadic Pastoralist Ethnic Minorities (MS, 2004). Advisor: Brodwin

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Lithic Technology and Subsistence Change in the Thirteenth through Seventeenth Centuries: An Example from the Zimmerman/Grand Village of the Kaskaskia Site in the Upper Illinois River Valley (PhD, 2004). Advisor: Jeske

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Morphological Adaptations to Diet in Primate Masticatory Muscles (PhD, 2004). Advisor: Anapol

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Cultural Sovereignity: The Maintenance and Performance of Urban Community among American Indians (PhD, 2004). Advisor: Brodwin

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Creative Ideology and Economic Strategies as Process: Oshogbo Artists in New York (MS, 2003). Advisor: Applbaum

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Late Woodland Cultural Complexity In Southeastern Wisconsin: A Ceramic Analysis from the Klug (47OZ26) and Klug Island Sites (MS, 2003). Advisor: Jeske

Fantle, Peter
Archaic Period Marine Mammal Hunting Strategies on the South Coast of Peru (MS, 2003). Advisor: Hudson

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Description and Analysis of Preserved Fabrics from the Northwest Mound at Aztalan: A Late Prehistoric Site in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 2003). Advisor: J. Richards

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Gender and Status Analysis of Four Arras Culture Cemeteries in Great Britain: Rudston, Burton Fleming, Garton Station and Kirkburn (MS, 2003). Advisor: Arnold

Olsen, M. Lee
Oneota Subsistence in Southern Wisconsin: Agriculture and Plant Domestication at the Crescent Bay Hunt Club Site (MS, 2003). Advisor: Jeske

Perez-Lizano, Elena
Consensus Analysis as a Method to Measure Visitor Knowledge in Museums (MS, 2003). Advisor: Gray

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Nindoojibwem. Anishinaabe Indaw! I Speak Ojibwe, I am Ojibwe! The Study of Ojibwemowin as a Tool to Reestablish a Middle Ground (MS, 2003). Advisor: Washabaugh

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Working the Program: Personal Stories of Gay Men with HIV/AIDS in the Alcoholic [Sic] Anonymous Program (MS, 2002). Advisor: Brodwin

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Remembering the Histories of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the Black Hills Claim (MS, 2002). Advisor: Washabaugh

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Archaeological Survey: Probability, Problems and Plowed Contexts (MS, 2002). Advisor: J. Richards

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Delineating The Spatial And Temporal Boundaries Of Late Woodland Collated Wares From Illinois And Wisconsin (MS, 2002). Advisor: Jeske

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Quall, Rebecca
Three Dimensional Morphometric Measurements in an Ontogenetic Sample of Minipigs Fed Solid and Liquid Diets (MS, 2002). Advisor: Anapol

Talsky, Kathleen
Consensus Analysis of High School Students’ Perceptions of High School Athletes (MS, 2002). Advisor: Gray

Theobald, Patsy
The Effects of Managed Care on the Professionalization of Staff Nurses (MS, 2002). Advisor: Brodwin

Warwick, Matthew
A Diachronic Study of Animal Exploitation at Aztalan, A Late Prehistoric Village in Southeast Wisconsin (MS, 2002). Advisor: Hudson

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Pass the Duiker, Please: Spatial Analysis of Animal Bone to Identity Social Differences (MS, 2002). Advisor: Hudson


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Watched Weddings: Circulating Videos and Transnational Community-Building amongst Somalis in Finland (MS, 2001), Advisor: Ajirotutu

Boor, Jocelyn
The Ubiquitous Ushabti: A Study in Regional Variation (MS, 2001). Advisor: Arnold

Bubinas, Kathleen
An Anthropological Study of the Employment of Asian Immigrants in an Ethnic Enclave Economy (PhD, 2001). Advisor: Brodwin

Cooper, Linda
Searching for Sex Differences in Cheater Detection : An Extension of Cosmides and Tooby’s Social Contract Theory (MS, 2001). Advisor: Gray

Cornell-Swanson, LaVonne
Transmission of Culture in an American Sign Language (ASL) Immersion Classroom. (PhD, 2001) Advisor: Ajirotutu

Darbyshire Moore, Mary
Conservation Challenges in Historic House Museums: The Conflict between Collections Use and Historic Site Preservation (MS, 2001). Advisor: Arnold

Frederick, Aaron
A Look in the Broom Closet: The Beliefs and Practices of the Modern Day Witch (MS, 2001). Advisor: Arnold

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Pestles, Powder Horns and Pot Hooks : An Analysis of the Thomas R. Roddy Collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2001). Advisor: Arnold

Grubisha, Diane
Analysis of the Steatite Artifacts from the Archaeological Site of Aila, Jordan (MS, 2001). Advisor: Arnold

Nodal, Roberto
“Strangers In A New Land”: Palo Mayombe, an African-Cuban Religious Tradition in the Diaspora (PhD, 2001). Advisor: Brodwin

Randolph, Joseph
Aboriginal Rock Art oftThe Lake Owyhee Reservoir, Oregon (MS, 2001). Advisor: J. Richards

Stanton, Sally
Family Business: Museum Visitation as Gender Performance (PhD, 2001). Advisor: Arnold

Tharps, Quincy
Childbearing as Resistance: One Possible Explanation for Single Parenting among Some African-American Females in an Urban Setting (PhD, 2001). Advisor: Brodwin

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Settlement Location Shifts in Northeastern Wisconsin during the Late Prehistoric and Historic Periods (MS, 2001). Advisor: J. Richards


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Understanding Remnant Archaic Settlement along the Western Coast of Lake Michigan (PhD, 2000). Advisor: J. Richards

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From Civilians to Soldiers: The Historical and Archaeological Context of Wisconsin’s Civil War Camps (MS, 2000). Advisor: P. Richards

Kowrach, Nicole
Children, Museums and Multiculturalism: Using Museums as a Forum for Cultural Education (MS, 2000). Advisor: Arnold

Naunapper, Linda
Value in the Use of Historical Sources in Archaeological Research: A Case Study at the Historic Period Robinson’s Reservation (MS, 2000). Advisor: Jeske

Robinson, Jacqueline
Cultural Analysis of the Ciwara Headdress in Mali (MS, 2000). Advisor: Ajirotutu

Steffens, Rebecca
Pre-Columbian to Post-Colonial: Continuity and Change in Highland Mayan Ceramics (MS, 2000). Advisor: Arnold



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Fostering Curiosity, Enjoyment and Increased Understanding of Anthropology: The Presentation of Archaeology in Museums (MS, 1999). Advisor: Arnold

Crass, Barbara
Pre-Christian Inuit Mortuary Practices: A Compendium of Archaeological and Ethnographic Sources (PhD, 1999). Advisor: Arnold

Dineen, Kathleen
The Irish Language in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: An Application of the Theory of Symbolic Ethnicity (MS, 1999).

Gaff, April
Canid Digging Behavior in the Archaeological Record: A Comparative Study of Wolves and Dogs (MS, 1999). Advisor: Jeske

Gaines, Shirley
Decomposition: An Analysis of Five Organs (MS, 1999).

Gauthier, John
An Examination of Sociosexuality and Risk-Taking Behavior (MS, 1999).

Rohe, Randall
Contextual Analysis of a Pioneer Logging Camp: The Sherry and Gerry Site (FS-09-06-04-156) (MS, 1999).

Ruth, Christine
Decay and Reconstruction: An Osteological Analysis of Effigy Mound Material from Wisconsin (PhD, 1999). Advisor: Turner

Kirchner, Julia
View from the Bottom: The Experiences of W-2 Transitionals under Wisconsin’s “Welfare Reform” Law (MS, 1999). Advisor: Gray

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Euro-American Ethnicity in the Archaeological Record of Nineteenth Century Southeastern Wisconsin: A Review of Site Excavations (MS, 1999).

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Dairy Farm Women In Wisconsin: The Changing Nature of Their Work, Roles, and Choices Over Three Generations (PhD, 1999).

Nanayakkara, Sanjay
Sinhala Buddhist Conceptions of Health, Illness, And Yaktovil (MS, 1999).

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A View on the Skew: The Construction of Japanese Peruvian Identity through Immigration and Forced Replacement, 1899-1999 (MS, 1999).


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Bead Colors in the Upper Mississippi Valley and the American Fur Company (MS, 1998).

Fernandez, Ricardo
Dialectic Between the Archaeological and Historical Records: Consumer Choice and Symbolic Value in 19th Century British Pottery from the Warren House Site (MS, 1998).

Gabryszak, Beth
‘A Good Many Indian Things’: An Analysis of the William Mitchell Collection at the MPM (MS, 1998).

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Standards of Infant Long Bone Diaphyseal Growth from a Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century Almshouse Cemetery (MS, 1998).

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Differential Skull Development in an Ontogenetically Scaled Sample of Minipigs Fed a Nutritionally Equivalent Diet of Different Consistencies, Hard and Soft (MS, 1998).

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Statistics and Style in Rock Art Research (MS, 1998).

Johnson, Richard
Pre-Clovis Possibilities in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1998).

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Mapping Gender a Drax Hall Plantation St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica (MS, 1998).

Oldani, Michael
The Union Experience and the Anthropology of Trouble (MS, 1998).

Roberts, Joseph
Sociobiological Examination of Ethnocentrism among Two Ethnic Units, Tamils and Gujaratis, in the City of Pune, India (PhD, 1998).

Shand, Angela
The Dorian Dancers: An Ethnography of a Greek-American Folk Dance Troupe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (MS, 1998).


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Langford Tradition Settlement System and the Role of Material Culture in the Maintenance of Social Boundaries (PhD, 1997).

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An Analysis of Two Early Twentieth Century Collections from Central Africa (MS, 1997).

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Willing Suspensions of Disbelief: Anthropological Dioramas and Museum Culture (MS, 1997).

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Reclaiming the Honor: Central City Parents Who Resist the Blame (PhD, 1997).

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It Crawled from the South: Mortuary Practices at Aztalan and Their Implication for Aztalan’s Origin (MS, 1997).

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Yorkville Cemetery Project (MS, 1997).

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Museum Archaeology: An Analysis of the Research Potential of Five Milwaukee Public Museum Collections (MS, 1997).

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Museum Exhibition and Documentary Film: Visual Representations, Public Education, and the Future of Anthropology (MS, 1997).

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A Model Of Late Paleoindian Subsistence Behavior for the Western Great Lakes (MS, 1997).

Mevis, Molly
The Research Potential of Museum Collections: Iroquois False Face Masks in the New York State Museum (MS, 1997).

Nicholls, Brian
Sacred Landscapes: A New Approach to the Late Archaic in the Upper Midwest (MS, 1997).

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Death in the Daily Life of the Ross Colony: Mortuary Behavior in Frontier Russian America (PhD, 1997).

Richards, Patricia
Unknown Man No 198: The Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery (PhD, 1997).

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The Diamond Bluff Site Complex: Time and Tradition in the Northern Mississippi Valley (PhD, 1997).

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The Sanders Site: Excavation, Problems, and Re-Interpretation (MS, 1997).

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A Critical Evaluation of Oneota Radiocarbon Dates in Eastern Wisconsin (MS, 1997).

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Mississippi Turning: From Caste to Class in a Southern Town (MS, 1997).

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GIS Predictive Modeling of Prehistoric Site Distributions in Central Wisconsin (MS, 1997).

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Dancing Bears, Puppets and Cowering Beasts: Images of the Other in Milwaukee Newspaper Articles, 1920-1997 (MS, 1997).

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Population Genetics of Yellow Baboons (Papio hamadryas cynocephalus) (PhD, 1997).

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Paternity Analysis in Primates: Methods and Techniques (MS, 1996).

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The Future of the Past: The Condition of Archaeological Collections in The United States (MS, 1996).

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Breaking the Code of Museum Exhibits: Learning and Attraction in Museum Exhibits (MS, 1996).

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Across the Bering Land Bridge: An Analysis of DNA Sequence Data Examining the Relationship between American Indian and Siberian Populations (MS, 1996).

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Chinese Mortuary Rituals: Their Potential for Archaeological Study (MS, 1996).

Denton, Glenn
Astronomical Mound Alignment in the Lower Mississippi Valley: A Comparative Approach (MS, 1996).

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Cybermuseology: The Relationship of Visitor Age, Behavior, and Holding Power at Low-Tech Displays in the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 1996).

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Sex, Symbols, and Subjectivity: An Anthropological Approach to Feminist Rhetoric and the Construction of Sexuality (MS, 1996).

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The Microbe Conquest af North America (MS, 1996).

O’Gorman, Jodie
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