Accelerated Graduate BA/MS

What is the Accelerated Graduate Program?

The Anthropology accelerated graduate program offers high-achieving undergraduate students the opportunity to complete a combined Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (BA-Anthropology) and a Master of Science in Anthropology (MS-Anthropology) degree in 5 years. Normally, a BA plus an MS Anthropology degree takes six years or more. The accelerated graduate program consists of 3 years of undergraduate study and 2 years of graduate study. This accelerated program is especially well-suited to students with a high GPA and clear professional goals; the key to success is mapping out a clear research plan for the MS degree early on.

What can I do with this degree?

Ambitious students who complete the accelerated program will graduate with an MS degree, ready to obtain employment in applied fields of anthropology, such as Cultural Resource Management, Forensic Anthropology, Medical Anthropology and other specialty areas, at a higher level and more quickly. Many PhD programs in anthropology also require a Master’s degree as a prerequisite so it will prepare students for advanced degrees in this field. A graduate degree in anthropology provides critical thinking, problem solving, and research skills, which make anthropologists attractive employees for governmental, nonprofit, and corporate sectors.

Am I eligible? How can I enroll?

Students may declare their interest in the accelerated graduate program as soon as they start at UWM as a freshman. You are encouraged to discuss the program with the Anthropology Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Jean Hudson, to see if the program is a good fit for you, and to discuss what you will need to do to be accepted into the program.

Admission to the MS part of the program during your third year is a necessary part of the Accelerated Graduate degree and it is selective. Students apply by January of their Junior (3rd year). In order to be considered for admission into Graduate School, students must meet all existing Department of Anthropology graduate program admission requirements, including the GRE.

Advancement to Major or Admission:

Students admitted to the MS in Anthropology as part of the Accelerated Graduate degree will begin their graduate career in Fall semester of year 4, after the completion of at least 27 credits toward the BA Major in Anthropology and 105 credits towards the overall BA. The remaining 15 credits to complete the BA may be fulfilled through backward double counting graduate coursework, and up to 6 credits taken at the graduate level during year 3 may be forward double counted towards the MS requirements.

Consultation with the Anthropology Undergraduate Program Coordinator is recommended to clarify how double counting works and which courses are suitable. Students who do not satisfactorily meet admissions criteria for the MS in Anthropology may still continue with their BA and Anthropology major.


For enrollment in graduate level courses during an undergraduate career that can be forward double counted later, the Accelerated Graduate degree in Anthropology requires students meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.5 (Anthro and Cumulative)
  • Junior standing
  • Prior completion of Anthro 101, 102, and 103
  • Declaration of major in Anthropology with an intent to apply for the Accelerated Graduate degree in Anthropology.