Declare Your Minor

The Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Jean Hudson, would be happy to help you with your declaration of Anthropology as your minor. She has regular advising hours each Wednesday during the academic year from 1:00-3:00 PM. You do not need an appointment during that time – you may simply drop by. Her office is located in Sabin 398.

There is a Declaration form that you will fill out together. She will review your current transcript along with the departmental requirements to see which classes you still need, review any special scheduling concerns, and answer any questions you might have.

Jean Hudson Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor

You are encouraged to declare your minor early in your academic career, ideally by the end of your sophomore year, to better ensure you will be able to take all the needed classes in a timely manner. Once your Declaration form is filed, your PAWS account will help you track your progress towards the minor. You are always welcome to contact the Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor with your questions.

Jean Hudson
Sabin Hall 398
Phone: 414-229-4175