Archaeological research within the Anthropology Department at UWM is dynamic and varied. Faculty research reflects theoretical as well as applied aspects of archaeology. We intersect with the department’s Cultural and Biological Anthropologists as well as the historical and socio-political role of archaeology in contemporary society. Archaeologists in the department  conduct research and regularly teach undergraduate and graduate classes with regional specialties including the Midwest/Great Lakes, Mesoamerica and the Southwestern United States, Andean South America, and Europe. Archaeologists in affiliated departments (Art History [Derek Counts, David Pacifico], and Classics [Elisabetta Cova]) conduct fieldwork in Cyprus and South America.

Students are drawn to our program by the opportunity to work directly with faculty who encourage anthropological and interdisciplinary research, as well as the department’s close affiliation with the Archaeological Research Laboratory Center (ARLC). Undergraduate and graduate students can participate in a range of fieldwork and laboratory opportunities, including formal field schools and other fieldwork, as well as internship and employment opportunities for qualified students available through the ARLC. Graduate students interested in archaeology and museums can obtain a renowned Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, which offers classes, internships, and opportunities for collections-based research. In addition to engaging in field research, archaeological projects in the department also offer student training in NAGPRA compliance, bioarcheology, and community-engaged outreach.

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Faculty research encompasses a diverse array of methodological and theoretical approaches:

  • Anthropological Archaeology
  • Complex Societies and Urbanization (Arnold, Sherman)
  • Early Agriculture (Edwards)
  • Hunter-Gatherers (Hudson, Lemke)
  • Historical Archaeology (Freire)
  • Underwater Archaeology (Lemke)
  • Experimental Archaeology (Arnold, Hudson)
  • Cultural Resource Management and Historic Preservation (Edwards, Haas, Nicholls)
  • Public Archaeology and Community-Engaged Research (Haas, Lemke)
  • Archaeological Field Methods (Edwards, Lemke, Nicholls, Haas)
  • Archaeological Collections Management  (Haas)
  • Bioarchaeology (Haas, Freire)
  • Mortuary Analysis (Arnold)
  • Ceramic Analysis (Haas, Sherman)
  • Compositional Analysis (Sherman)
  • Zooarchaeological Analysis (Edwards, Hudson)
  • Paleoethnobotany Analysis (Edwards, Haas)
  • Lithic Analysis (Lemke)
  • Geographic Information Systems (Edwards, Nicholls, Lemke)
  • Ecological Adaptations/Traditional Ecological Knowledge (Hudson, Lemke)
  • Indigenous Archaeology (Lemke)
  • Gender Configurations (Arnold)
  • Museology (Arnold)
  • Politics of Archaeological Practice (Arnold)
  • Virtual Reality, AI, and Digital Humanities (Lemke)

Archaeology faculty are affiliated with the following programs and centers on the UWM campus: