Build a More Sustainable World

Natural resource conservationists and environmental scientists work to find solutions to environmental problems such as habitat destruction, species extinction, and contamination of air, water, and soil. These problems are complex; finding solutions requires the integration of biological, chemical, geological, geotechnical, educational, and social sciences.

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About CES

The alarming rate of climate change, habitat destruction and, species extinction over the last 2 decades has catalyzed our resolve to find solutions to growing environmental problems:

  • the contamination of air, water and soil;
  • the spread of toxic chemicals;
  • invading species driving out native populations, and
  • the progressive loss of habitats that species need to grow, survive, and reproduce.

These problems are not simple; finding solutions requires the integration and interpretation of biological, chemical, geological, and social sciences. Coursework in the undergraduate interdisciplinary major provides training in areas such as ecosystem management, natural resources conservation, environmental assessment, and environmental education.