Build a More Sustainable World

Natural resource conservationists and environmental scientists work to find solutions to environmental problems such as habitat destruction, species extinction, and contamination of air, water, and soil. These problems are complex; finding solutions requires the integration of biological, chemical, geological, geotechnical, educational, and social sciences.

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About CES

The work of conservation and environmental science takes serious commitment, and it is tremendously rewarding and fun. We often see lists of challenges and environmental disasters, which make us think that this work is about solving all the problems. That is part of it, but if you are considering a course of study in CES, it will be important to identify personal ambitions that align with helping others in your community as well as addressing wider environmental concerns. This approach requires the integration and interpretation of social, natural, and physical sciences. Coursework in the undergraduate interdisciplinary major provides training in areas such as ecosystem management, natural resources conservation, and environmental education.