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About Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight is a web series where we ask students about their experiences at UWM and abroad. Episodes focus on an individual or a group and are semi-regularly produced throughout the year. If you are a student or alumni of UWM and would like to share your story, please contact Pete Geraci with your name, affiliation, and what you would like to share with the community.

Student Spotlight, Ep 2. Timmis Maddox

Timmis Maddox is a PhD student studying Iron Age archaeology at UW-Milwaukee. We ask @MaddoxTimmis about his dissertation research, experiences in graduate school, and what he hopes to do after graduating. We learn that grad school can be a challenge, especially during the pandemic but the reward is to be able to work on archaeological sites like Sorte Muld where finding beautiful gold etchings called Gullgubber is a common occurrence.

Student Spotlight, Ep 1. Dr. Jessica L. Skinner

Jessica recently graduated with her PhD in Anthropology this spring and has had a stellar career at UWM. She has received numerous awards, served as a teaching assistant, President of the UWM Chapter of Lambda Alpha, and Editor-in-Chief of Field Notes. Since graduation, Jessica has accepted a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position at the Mayo Clinic. In this episode, I ask Dr. Skinner about her experiences at UWM including why she chose UWM and what challenges she needed to overcome while obtaining her PhD. We also discuss her dissertation research and how her compassionate approach to research has kept her engaged and proud of her work.

About Ask a Professor!

Ask a Professor! is a web series where we ask professors questions about everything! From current events to careers, Ask a Professor seeks to answer important questions with the help of our faculty’s expertise. If you have a question for one of our professors, please contact Pete Geraci with your question and who you would like to answer it.

Ask a Professor! Ep 3: The Political Crisis & Coup in Myanmar w/ Guest: Professor Ingrid Jordt, UWM

On February 1st of 2021, the democratically elected leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi and members of her National League for Democracy were detained by force by the leader of the Myanmar military, Min Aung Hlaing. Since then, many people have been arrested, hurt or killed while protesting the actions of the military and the situation continues to worsen without a clear path to peace. In this episode I hope to shed some light on the situation with the help of Dr. Ingrid Jordt, an expert in Myanmar politics. Dr. Jordt has conducted research in Myanmar since 1988. Her research interests include processes of political legitimation, lay/monastic relations in Buddhist Burma, Buddhist meditation movements in Southeast Asia and ethnographic methods and social theory

Ask a Professor! Ep. 2: The Life and Career of Archaeologist Robert Jeske

In this episode we are asking Professor Emeritus Robert Jeske about his career in Archaeology. Bob has been a professional archaeologist for over forty years and taught at UW-Milwaukee for more than two decades. Bob’s research interests include archaeological method and theory–particularly how economics and population interactions foster group identity and ethnicity. He also actively investigates stone tool production and use, mortuary studies, canine activities, and experimental archaeology. He primarily works in the American Midwest but has worked on projects in the American Southwest and Ireland over the years. Bob is most known for his work investigating the archaeology of Lake Koshkonong in SE Wisconsin where he led field schools for many years.

Ask a Professor! Ep. 1: The GameStop Phenomenon in Anthropological Perspective

In the first episode of Ask A Professor! we examine the GameStop Phenomenon with the help of Professor Thomas Malaby. Thomas studies the ever-changing relationships among institutions, unpredictability, and technology, especially as they are realized through games and game-like processes. Watch Thomas put the phenomenon is anthropological perspective as we discuss several related topics including stock market ethics, modern ethnography, the UWM Digital Cultures Collaboratory, and of course, tendies!


Anthropologists everywhere are thinking and talking about interesting things, doing innovative scientific research, and exploring all different facets of human life. AnthroChat is a forum for conversation about different topics in anthropology, an opportunity to learn about some of the interesting research anthropologists are doing, and a window into the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Department of Anthropology. Each podcast will take on a different format as we find the best way to showcase the ideas and research of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

AnthroChat, Ep. 1: Gender Matters in Archaeology

Ep. 1 – Gender Matters in Archaeology takes on problems in archaeology surrounding the concept of gender and how women in particular have been obscured by history, mythologized, and side-barred in textbooks. Four UWM Anthropology graduate students discuss these topics as well as who and what inspired them to become archaeologists. Episode hosted by Ann Eberwein with special guests; Kate Czarnezki, Crystal Morgan, and Jaclyn De Medicci.

Department Colloquium Series

April 8th, 2022 – Dr. Melanie Beasley, Purdue University

Dr. Melanie Beasley presents her talk, “A Tale of Two Stable Isotope Projects: How Development of a New Forensic Anthropology Method Tests a Paleoanthropology Hypothesis” at the April 8th UWM Anthropology Department Colloquium.

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