Unhopped Iron Brewer Challenge – UWM Sabin Hall G90 – December 8, 2017

About 50 people attended the first annual Unhopped Iron Brewer Challenge in support of the UWM/Honor’s College Brew Garden Initiative, organized and hosted by Professor Bettina Arnold and supported by graduate and undergraduate student volunteers Alex Anthony, Nikita Sessler, Rachel McTavish and Giselle Jacobi. Anthropology major Hannah Blija submitted an entry and the winner was Kevin Cullen, who graduates from the Masters program in 2008 and is now Deputy Director of the Neville Museum in Green Bay, WI.

UWM interns, alums help public museum bring weapons exhibit to life

UWM Anthropology graduate student Lauren Kiesewetter and Anthropology major Armando Manresa, along with other UWM students help the Milwaukee Public Museum bring a new weapons exhibit to life.
“Weapons: Beyond the Blade” runs until Jan 1st at the Milwaukee Public Museum.