Alum Dr. Brooke Drew Presents Research on Historic Cemetery in Indiana

UWM Anthro is pleased to share the following presentation by Alum Dr. Brooke Drew on the Bethel Cemetery in Indiana.

Dr. Brooke Drew, Indiana State University, uncovers the methodology a team of experts and students used to name unmarked burials and respectfully relocate them. Bone studies that revealed age and gender, archival records, and artifacts found within the graves all combine to tell a fascinating history of a community and the largest cemetery archaeologically relocated in Indiana.

Brooke received her PhD from UWM in 2018 and wrote her dissertation on the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery. You can find her dissertation here or in our Thesis and Dissertation Library.

The event was hosted on February 25, 2021 by Preserving Historic Places, Indiana’s Statewide Preservation Conference — a partnership of Indiana Landmarks, Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, and Indiana University.