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Culture of Racism, Recovery & Resiliency (CR3) Series

Making the Moment a Movement

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” –Alfred Adler

UWM’s School of Continuing Education is pleased and proud to offer the next installment of the Culture of Racism, Recovery & Resiliency (CR3) series – continuing the dynamic efforts of 2021. The 12-part series again provides insightful 90-minute sessions devoted to a range of timely topics, including leadership in diversity, restorative justice, cooperative economics and mental health. Through inspirational discussions, panel presentations and interactive conversations, you’ll be empowered to take action both personally and professionally – fostering impact and change across institutions, organizations, schools, businesses, communities and beyond.

We invite you to join us on this journey in 2022 … as we maintain our momentum in forging strategic alliances to help us overcome racism while building the resiliency fundamental in making this moment a movement.

CEUs are available upon request.

Enroll in the entire series or select individual sessions based on your particular interests.

12-session Package Registration – $99



Thursday, October 13    |    11:00am-12:30pm CT    |    $29

CEUs: 0.1, CEHs: 1.5

Presenter: Emerald Mills

Community, support, aid and assist are just a few words often used when people seek to become an ally in the fight to overcome racism. Discover ways to intentionally align with others and support important causes regarding diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

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Exploring Resources to Advance DEI Efforts

Thursday, November 10    |    11:00am-12:30pm CT    |    $29

CEUs: 0.1, CEHs: 1.5

Presenters: Sumaiyah Clark, Reggie Jackson, Emerald Mills, Kanisha Phelps, Kweku Ramel Smith, Shirley Burks, Gevon Daynuah

Join this panel of experts as they discuss various approaches to advancing efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Making the Moment a Movement – Action and Implementation

Thursday, December 8    |    11:00am-12:30pm CT    |    $29

CEUs: 0.1, CEHs: 1.5

Presenters: Sumaiyah Clark, Kweku Ramel Smith, Shirley Burks, Gevon Daynuah, Kanisha Phelps, Emerald Mills, Reggie Jackson, Heather Thomas Flores, Hector Colón

Join presenters for a culmination of the 2022 CR3 series. Discover lessons, findings and action steps, and hear final thoughts.

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Past Sessions

The Collective Experience of Trauma and Racism

Presenter: Reggie Jackson

Implicit Bias: What Are the Impacts?

Presenter: Judge Derek Mosley

Are Black Lives Matter Discussions Appropriate in the Workplace?

Presenters: Clarene Mitchell, Grady Crosby

Microaggressions – How to Talk Them Out and When to Walk Away

Presenter: Sumaiyah Clark

Black Lives Matter in the Workplace and Online – How to Leverage LinkedIn to Champion Diversity and Inclusion

Presenter: Clarene Mitchell

Public Health, Racism, Resiliency

Presenter: Sumaiyah Clark

Where Do You Start With Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Efforts?

Presenter: Grady Crosby

The Culture of Racism and Recovery

Presenter: Reggie Jackson

I Am the Change – Action and Implementation

Presenters: Shirley Burks, Gevon Daynuah, Clarene Mitchell, Sumaiyah Clark, Judge Derek Mosley, Reggie Jackson, Grady Crosby

Making the Moment a Movement – CR3 Series Continues

Presenters: Heather Thomas Flores, Sumaiyah Clark, Reggie Jackson, Emerald Mills, Kanisha Phelps, Kweku Ramel Smith, Hector Colón

Critical Race Theory – Exploring the Resistance

Presenter: Reggie Jackson

Examining the Role of Leadership in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Presenter: Hector Colón

Mental Health Stigma in Communities of Color

Presenter: Kweku Ramel Smith

Cooperative Economics: Supporting Businesses in Communities of Color

Presenter: Emerald Mills

Religion, Race and Regulation

Presenter: Sumaiyah Clark

Public Health and Safety in Diverse Communities

Presenters: Emerald Mills, Heather Thomas Flores, Sumaiyah Clark

The Look, Style and Legislation of Ethnicity – Who Decides What’s Appropriate?

Presenter: Kanisha Phelps

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