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Portuguese is a Romance language that is spoken by more than 260 million people around the world. It’s the most widely spoken language in South America. Brazilian and European Portuguese are both covered at UWM’s School of Continuing Education. São Paulo, Brazil, has the most  Portuguese speakers in the world.

Whether you want to travel or increase your career opportunities, learning Portuguese can help you reach your goals. You’ll learn vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation within each of the five course levels.

The textbook, “Ponto de Encontro,” Second Edition, is used for all five levels of Portuguese.

To register or find details on individual courses, select the course title below.

ACTFL OPIc – Portuguese

July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023 On-Demand Online

Advanced Portuguese I

6 Wed, Mar 8-Apr 12, 2023 Live Online

Intermediate Portuguese II

6 Wed, Sept 7-Oct 12 Live Online

Intermediate Portuguese III

6 Wed, Oct 26-Dec 7 Live Online

Intermediate Portuguese IV

6 Wed, Jan 18-Feb 22, 2023 Live Online

Portuguese I

6 Thu, Sept 8-Oct 13 Live Online Full

6 Mon, Sept 12-Oct 17 Live Online

6 Thu, Sept 7-Oct 12, 2023 Live Online

Portuguese II

6 Thu, Nov 3-Dec 15 Live Online

6 Mon, Nov 7-Dec 12 Live Online

6 Mon, Oct 26-Dec 7, 2023 Live Online

Portuguese III

6 Thu, Jan 19-Feb 23, 2023 Live Online

Portuguese IV

6 Thu, Mar 16-Apr 20, 2023 Live Online

Portuguese V

6 Thu, May 4-June 8, 2023 Live Online


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