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Portuguese Language Certificate

Whether you want to get ahead at work, start a new career or travel with confidence, learning Portuguese will benefit you. Spoken by over 200 million people, strengthening your Portuguese communication skills can provide endless opportunities. Through five core courses and an oral proficiency interview by computer (OPIc), the Portuguese Language Certificate provides the tools and develops the skills you need to read, write and speak Portuguese. Utilizing enhanced textbook tracts, our program delves into both European and Brazilian Portuguese. It uses standards from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) to provide a structured learning environment. In this immersive program, work with our experienced instructors to sharpen your Portuguese language skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the basic grammar of Portuguese verbs and pronouns
  • Outline the spectrum of Portuguese verb tenses
  • Speak Portuguese with instructors, one-on-one, to strengthen conversational skills
  • Read and write in Portuguese to improve your fundamentals of the language
  • Follow Portuguese oral activities to familiarize yourself with native speech patterns
  • Complete an OPIc and receive an oral proficiency rating


To get started, simply enroll in your first online or face-to-face course. Earn the certificate by completing a minimum of Portuguese III, IV and V plus an OPIc.

Online course formats include live, course-paced, combined or on-demand. Blended courses offer both face-to-face and online components. View the session information on course pages for details.

Portuguese I
Recommended first course
Portuguese II$189
Portuguese III

1/21-2/25/2021 Live Online

Portuguese IV

3/11-4/15/2021 Live Online

Portuguese V

4/29-6/3/2021 Live Online


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