Sandra Hoskins, ISP, ITCP, PMP, CSM

As a speaker, mentor, educator, consultant, author and project manager, Sandra Hoskins is committed to working with people who want to create excellence in their life, whether at work, home, play or in their community. Sandra’s passions are project management and education. Her participation in these professions has taught her the importance of work-life balance.

With a career spanning the military, business, public sector and education Sandra has a unique perspective on the value of project management and the practical application of knowledge, skills and experience.

She believes the principles of leadership, education and project management are the difference makers and the deal breakers. It is how we grow people and organizations and, more importantly, it is how we influence lives. Project management cannot be an idea we simply talk about; project management is the action we must live.

Her personal motto is, “project management is a life skill.” When you think about it, project management is an approach to problem-solving, no more and no less.


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