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Moldflow Analysis

Effective Results Interpretation of Injection Molding Simulation

This two-day workshop focuses on the theory behind injection molding simulation and how the results can be applied to help engineers and designers make informed decisions in order to maximize profits and reduce lead times. You learn how plastics flow in injection molds and how factors such as part design, mold design and processing affect part performance and dimensional stability. After attending, you will be able to better interpret internal and external simulation reports, and use this information to improve critical decision-making regarding part and mold design.

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
Elastomer Technology Certificate
Plastics Technology Certificate

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how plastics flow in injection molds
  • Interpret internal and external simulation reports
  • Improve critical decisions regarding part and mold design
  • Maximize profit and reduce lead times

Course Outline/Topics

Background Theory

  •  Overview of injection molding process
  •  Plastics material science
  •  Plastics flow behavior (rheology)
  •  Debunking industry myths
  • Thermal/rheological/PvT properties

 Injection Molding Simulation

  • Commercial software options
  • Effective use of simulation
  • Limitations of simulation
  • Common results nomenclature
  • Results interpretation

Injection Molding Simulation Considerations

  •  Mesh types
  •  Mesh selection
  •  Processing considerations
  •  Identification of poorly run simulation studies
  •  Successful integration of simulation
  •  Recommended analysis procedure


Please note:  This course is not about how to use Moldflow software

Dates and locations to be announced.


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