German III

German III is for those who have completed German II or have previous German language experience and want to continue their language learning journey. Emphasis on conversational skills, grammatical structure and reading. German III, offered live online or on-demand, covers Chapters 7, 8 and 9 in the “Sag Mal” textbook.

Required Textbook Package
Our required textbook package, used for German I-IV, grants you 36-month access to Vista Higher Learning’s online learning platform is a comprehensive suite of tools that includes the SuperSite Plus and WebSAM (Student Activities Manual). This innovative online learning hub ensures a seamless learning experience, offering interactive resources, exercises, and materials to support and enhance your German language skills.

“Sag Mal,” Third Edition (Choose 1 option)

  • Print + Digital | ISBN: 978-1-54331-606-3 | Price: $274.80
  • Digital | ISBN: 978-1-54331-607-0 | Price: $189

Do not purchase materials from other stores. Special pricing and passcodes for VHL’s online resources are required and are only available through this link: Vista Higher Learning 

This course can be applied to the German Language Certificate.


Ann-Christin Kloth

Ann-Christin Kloth

Ann-Christin Kloth was born and raised in Germany. She holds a degree in business management and engineering from Hochschule für Medien University. After working with diverse companies in marketing and sales as an executive, she decided to become a full-time ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Master differentiation and usage of long- and short-vowel sounds within weather, transportation and technology-related vocabulary
  • Demonstrate proficiency in forming and applying Plusquamperfekt past-tense verbs when discussing personal routines, vacations and experiences related to weather and seasons
  • Construct sentences using appropriate prepositions of location in discussions about daily routines, travel experiences and technology usage
  • Apply time expressions effectively in conversation, integrating them into past-tense sentences when discussing seasons, months and routine activities
  • Utilize genitive case structures and Der-words to describe possession and specify locations in discussions related to health, transportation and technology
  • Develop fluency in using phrases commonly employed to discuss weather patterns, seasonal changes and activities associated with different seasons
  • Acquire a wide range of vocabulary related to transportation modes, discussing their advantages, disadvantages and personal experiences in using different travel methods
  • Expand vocabulary concerning daily routines, personal hygiene, health and well-being, employing reflexive verbs with reflexive pronouns accurately
  • Master vocabulary associated with vacations, destinations, travel experiences and activities related to electronic communication, utilizing varied past-tense constructions
  • Learn and apply vocabulary specific to electronic communication and technology, describing their impact on daily life, travel and routine activities, while incorporating appropriate past-tense structures and prepositions as needed

Live Online vs On-Demand Online

  • Live Online: The synchronous live online courses are 12 weeks long each, meeting once a week, for two and a half hours. For a total of 30 in-class hours. Specific dates below.
  • On-Demand Online: Explore a rich array of tools on Vista Higher Learning’s online platform, VHL Central, offering audio, video, auto-graded activities, tutorials, assessments, pronunciation guides, and features to record your voice, listen to native speakers, and submit coursework. Following registration, your UWM SCE instructor collaborates with you to design a personalized schedule and set flexible due dates within the 6-16 week range. This instructor-guided format caters to busy schedules, eliminating mandatory livea interactions. Perfect for self-directed learners seeking flexibility. Register anytime!


UWM SCE German II or equivalent experience.


This is a noncredit enrichment program. Progress and courses completed are marked by Continuing Education Units. CEUs are not transferable to college or university transcripts.

Date: Open enrollment – Register anytime

Delivery Method: On-Demand Online

Platform: Other

Instructor: Ann-Christin Kloth

Fee: $399

Discounts Available

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ACTIVE Osher members receive 10% discount on Language courses. Contact the the Languages Department at for any questions.


As an ACTIVE member of the Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee Organization (HPGM) receive a 10% discount on this language program.

Early registration discounts will subtract automatically from the fee if the registration is submitted prior to the deadline. All other discounts require the code in the left column to be entered on the registration form. Only one discount code can be entered on a registration form.


Discounts Available

CEUs: 2.0

Program Number: 7781-15640

Note: Dates on your registration invoice will reflect FY 2024, however you will be contacted by your instructor within 1-5 business days to arrange your custom schedule.

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